Difference between street smarts and book smarts

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difference between street smarts and book smarts

3 Kinds of Smarts - Harry Dewulf

When thinking about Dr. Oftentimes, the most intelligent individuals lack common sense. There is a lot to gain from human experience such as travel and investing time in developing skills outside of school. College offers students opportunities to develop both intellectually and socially, through extracurricular activities and study abroad programs. Just for fun: Take this quiz below to see whether you lean more toward book smarts or street smarts! I think this is a really valid point. There are always depictions of very smart people, for example those on big bang theory, who are very socially inept.
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Street Smarts vs Book Smarts

Book smarts vs. Street smarts

A while ago — a fair while ago, I wrote a series of blog posts detailing the major difference between types of mental competence. I talk about intelligence, cleverness, cunning and wisdom. That post is all about what the words mean, where they come from, and how those types of intelligence are applied, as a means of making sense for a reader when describing your characters actions and behaviors. Earlier this week I saw a Quora question for which I had no adequate answer , and it set me thinking about my original posts, in particular, about what was missing from them. So I came up with a new set of definitions for this trichotomy, but before I tell you all about them, a quick warning: certain cultures, including, until recently, Western culture, see education or personal development as a combination of all three.

Book smart is simply describing that the person as generally intelligent, well educated and do well academically. However, the underlying idea is that the person.
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Street Smarts

Our IQ tests are adequate predictors of how well a person will do in school, but they are less effective in predicting how well a person will do in the " real world. Why is there such a difference? The difference between academic intelligence " book smarts " and practical intelligence " street smarts " was first define in terms of the tasks involved Neisser, Academic intelligence is measured by IQ and most classroom testing. Typically the tasks in these tests have certain characteristics; they:. These characteristics are not typical at all for daily tasks that face us.

Top definition. Intelligence gained outside of school. Just as useful as book smarts, and in many cases more so. It can be divided into 4 categories. Getting Along With Others- Knowing which questions to ask and not asking too many,being polite and friendly, but also being assertive. Common Sense- Knowing who you can trust, which areas in town are good and which are bad, etc.

Intelligence and knowledge are two different things. Book smarts are usually reasonably intelligent. Because intelligence is a trait, we are born with, as a part our genetic makeup. Your intelligence level can apply to a mixture of kinds of intelligence; some of us are good at maths, some can relate well to others, and some of us can do both with the same success. Education can only help you develop what you already have. There are various types of intelligence. IQ measures can only tell us about intellectual ability and there are lots of issues regarding its accuracy.


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