Lion king and jungle book

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lion king and jungle book

The Lion King & Jungle Festival

This vibrant new season is full of fresh new shows and immersive experiences where you can feel the rhythm of an all-swinging, all-dancing habitat. Hakuna matata! Roar along to the brand new stage show and be prepared to live iconic moments from The Lion King like never before. Shake and sway to the sound of the beating drums and hypnotic rhythms as Rafiki, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Nala, Mufasa and Scar bring famous Pride Rock anthems to life before your very eyes. Pack the bare necessities and embark on a colourful voyage through the Indian Jungle in this musical extravaganza. The Jungle Book is bought to life in a new way, as never-before-seen worlds add a whole new twist to this classic Disney Tale.
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Published 08.01.2019

Lion King - Jungle Book Hindi Mowgli -Hindi Dubbed in Hindi Animation Movie 2019

Here’s why remaking The Lion King is a tougher task than The Jungle Book

The stunning visuals of the wild, the anthropomorphic animal kingdom, the journey of the protagonist and even the comic elements very well connect the two movies. Keep reading! Strong, impressive and ambitious, both the big cats are feared by other creatures of the jungle. Interestingly, both have some sort of physical deformities. In order to achieve their goals, they are ready to remove whoever comes in their way.

This isn't the only Disney live-action remake to be critically approved - Beauty and the Beast was mostly well-liked too, in addition to a massive box-office haul - but it's the similarities between The Lion King and The Jungle Book that make the difference in execution and response so startling. Both The Lion King and The Jungle Book remakes are directed by Jon Favreau, and both have used the same groundbreaking CGI technology to make photorealistic animals to populate their respective settings. Both take on beloved Disney classics with the exact same approach, so why are the outcomes so different? The original version of The Jungle Book is rightly beloved as an animated classic and a childhood favorite of most Disney fans, but it's also easier to remake than The Lion King. For starters, although 's The Jungle Book is very good, it's not on par with The Lion King , which is one of, if not the greatest animated movies ever made. The original The Jungle Book is pretty old too, having been released in the s. Not that it looks bad , per se, but there's definitely a stronger argument for it to be remade and updated with new technology.

The Monkey Effect

Jungle Book Jive - Full Soundtrack - The Lion King And Jungle Festival

Jon Favreau has once again taken up the mammoth task of recreating our childhood memories and this time he is doing it with The Lion King. Favreau is not new to this arena. The director had earlier created the live-action version of The Jungle Book in but it looks like remaking The Lion King will be a tougher task. The live-action version of The Jungle Book released in and while that was only 3 years ago, a lot has changed since then. The Jungle Book was one of the early films that Disney decided to reboot but since then, we have already seen Beauty and the Beast, Christopher Robin, Dumbo and Aladdin. Not just this, the increasing trend of bringing back franchises Men in Black that were once popular has started to take a toll on the audience as the lack of originality in movies is starkly visible now.

For as much as this new wave of polished-up favorites has bewitched audiences by droves, it has often left critics and more discerning viewers cold. Are these films innocently refurbishing cherished parts of our childhoods so that they might be adored by a new generation, or is this the work of a corporate colossus intent on wringing every last dollar out of its stable of characters no matter the creative compromise required? After spinning a massive payday out of The Jungle Book , Jon Favreau returned to the House of Mouse for another photorealist fantasy with a core cast out of the kingdom Animalia. Chalk it up to laziness or reverence for the original, but this time around, Favreau nearly went shot-by-shot in his recreation of the masterpiece. The result of this experiment in boundary-pushing animation technology is an eyesore utterly devoid of imagination, exuberance or any signs of life. The simple inability of the animal characters to emote causes plenty of trouble; add to that a sleepy voice performance from Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, the fact that Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Emma Watson took one of her infrequent acting jobs to breathe new life into Belle, making the kept woman into something sturdier.


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