What is dr jekyll and mr hyde book about

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what is dr jekyll and mr hyde book about

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The novella's impact is such that it has become a part of the language, with the phrase "Jekyll and Hyde" entering the vernacular to refer to people with an unpredictably dual nature: usually very good , but sometimes shockingly evil. Stevenson had long been intrigued by the idea of how human personalities can affect how to incorporate the interplay of good and evil into a story. While still a teenager, he developed a script for a play about Deacon Brodie , which he later reworked with the help of W. Henley and which was produced for the first time in In the small hours of one morning,[
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Plot Summary - Robert Louis Stevenson

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson - review

This book is one of the most gripping and fascinating books I have ever read. It is such a riveting thriller, that it is impossible to stop reading it even though it is a bit spooky. The story begins with the Will of Dr. Henry Jekyll where we learn that if he disappears or dies his fortune will be left to Mr. Edward Hyde. Through the lawyer Mr.

Henry Jekyll and his alternative personality, Mr. He is the title character and a friend of main protagonist Gabriel John Utterson. Henry Jekyll feels he is battling between the good and evil within himself, thus leading to the struggle with his alter ego , Edward Hyde. He spends his life trying to repress evil urges that are not fitting for a man of his stature. He develops a serum in an attempt to mask this hidden evil.

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On their weekly walk, an eminently sensible, trustworthy lawyer named Mr. Utterson listens as his friend Enfield tells a gruesome tale of assault. The tale describes a sinister figure named Mr. Hyde who tramples a young girl, disappears into a door on the street, and reemerges to pay off her relatives with a check signed by a respectable gentleman. Since both Utterson and Enfield disapprove of gossip, they agree to speak no further of the matter.

Every Sunday, Mr. Utterson, a prominent London lawyer, and his distant kinsman, Mr. Richard Enfield, take a stroll through the city of London. Even though to a stranger's eyes, these two gentlemen seem to be complete opposites, both look forward to, and enjoy, their weekly stroll with one another. One Sunday, they pass a certain house with a door unlike those in the rest of the neighborhood. The door reminds Mr.



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    Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a gothic novella by Scottish author Robert Louis had a dream, and upon wakening had the intuition for two or three scenes that would appear in the story Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

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