How to build a bookcase wall unit

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how to build a bookcase wall unit

Building a Built-in Bookshelf Wall

Sure, you can pick up some knock-together set of shelves, but built-ins provide so much more than just a place to stash your stuff. Made to rise ceiling high, create an alcove for furniture, or wrap an existing nook, they can add style, charm, and architecture to an interior, all while offering custom storage and display space. Here, seven ways to make them special. Bookcases arranged to form a passageway and united with flat trim create a mini library, complete with a rolling ladder that beckons young readers to hunt for a good book on the topmost shelves. Designer Bret Franks came up with the idea as a way to add old-house character to a new farmhouse with a completely open first floor beyond this office space. Apple-green backing keeps the built-ins fun and family-friendly, as does the mix of objects dotting the adjustable-height shelves.
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How to Build a Bookcase, Bookshelf Cabinet

You can build this built-in bookcase by following our clear drawings and The partitions shown in Photos 8 and 9 can be placed wall to wall as shown or can stop . Because they're so narrow and don't have to support weight as real cabinet.

Library wall to wall bookcases – Bookcase Plans

We finished the office built-in wall. I mean, no big deal. Just a tiny little project we started and finished. No exclamation marks necessary. Hence the freak-out moment. Andy did a fabulous job.

Novel-Worthy Book Storage

Renovation, cabinet building and woodworking plans and tutorials. If you want to do arches, simply follow my tutorial to create uniform arches for the top rail when you get to the faceframe. Check out my Cabinet Building eBook for all my cabinet building tips, techniques and instructions for different building methods. Links in this post may be affiliate links. However, lumber prices vary and fluctuate so make sure to price out your materials. The cutlist below is for four bookcases. This ensures that my shelf pins are even and perfectly spaced and located.

I built my first bookcase in middle school. A multitiered assemblage of wooden planks laid across stacks of bricks, it was reminiscent of pieces from the early Flintstone Period--and I was proud to have made it myself. Since that masterpiece, I've built 50 or 60 more, most while working as a cabinetmaker for an interior design firm, where I learned the carpentry skills, design guidelines and construction techniques used in the bookcase shown here. Basically consisting of three plywood boxes fitted with a hardwood face frame, this piece looks built-in because it spans from wall to wall, and is trimmed with molding at the ceiling and floor. With moderate skills and some patience, it wouldn't be hard to make this project fit any space. On permanent display: mahogany, solid biscuit joints--and a whole lot of class. Two pieces of plywood form each side of the cases.


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    If your books and photographs are still displayed on a couple of boards held up by a pile of bricks, here's some good news: It doesn't require a master carpenter, a workshop full of tools, and thousands of dollars to add built-in bookcases to your home.

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