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movie the book and the rose

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John Barnes Chris Kennedy acquires an old book filled with beautifully handwritten notes and, in an action befitting a 40's era romance, he begins a correspondence with the book's previous owner. This correspondence, he would learn, promises to be far more than simply an exchange of letters. Winner of 27 awards and an official selection at 56 film festivals since it first appeared a full 10 years ago, The Book and the Rose was an Academy Award semi-finalist for Best Short Film in and is resurfacing now that its creative team is hard at work on their first full-length feature, A Long Tomorrow. What's so special about a nearly 10 year old film? In a similar vein to a Nicholas Sparks script such as The Notebook, The Book and the Rose is an unforgettably romantic film held together by the classic romanticism of lead Chris Kennedy, whose dashing good looks bring to mind Mad Men's Jon Hamm. Anyone familiar with the writings of Max Lucado will likely have an idea of what to expect from The Book and the Rose , where the timeless workings of fate unfold quietly and patiently and with exacting detail. Set in , The Book and the Rose is painstakingly faithful to the look of the period with the likely exception of certain costuming details evident among the male supporting players.
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The Book and the Rose

The Rose is a American drama film which tells the story of a self-destructive s rock star who struggles to cope with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of her ruthless business manager. The story is loosely based on the life of singer Janis Joplin. Originally titled Pearl , after Joplin's nickname, and the title of her last album , it was fictionalized after her family declined to allow the producers the rights to her story. Midler performed the soundtrack album for the film, and the title track became one of her biggest hit singles. Although a success, she is burnt out and lonely but is kept working by her gruff, greedy manager and promoter Rudge Campbell Alan Bates. Though loud and brassy, Rose is an insecure alcoholic and former drug user who seems to crave approval in her life. As such, she is determined to return to her hometown, now as a superstar.

As an old man, Adso of Melk recounts how, in , as a young Franciscan novice a Benedictine one in the novel , he and his mentor, Franciscan friar William of Baskerville , traveled to a Benedictine abbey in northern Italy where the Franciscans were to debate with Papal emissaries the poverty of Christ. The abbey boasts a famed scriptorium where scribes copy, translate or illuminate books. The monk Adelmo of Otranto —a young but famous manuscript illuminator— was suspiciously found dead on a hillside below a tower with only a window which cannot be opened. The abbot seeks help from William, who is renowned for his deductive powers. William is reluctantly drawn in by the intellectual challenge and his desire to disprove fears of a demonic culprit. William also worries the abbot will summon officials of the Inquisition if the mystery remains unsolved. William quickly deduces that Adelmo committed suicide, having jumped from a nearby tower having a window, and that the slope of the hill caused the body to roll below the other tower.

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