Michael ware book between me and the dead

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michael ware book between me and the dead

Only the Dead: Inside Michael Ware's Iraq Journey | Time

It had been bruising. Two months of tightly controlled movement, rage and fear in the air, daily bombings, and some very close calls in Ramadi, site of some of the bloodiest fighting of the war. When I was asked if I wanted to go back at the end of the year, I said no. Ware said it all made perfect sense. But he was going back, and he was going to keep going back.
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Only the Dead (2016): Michael Ware embedded in Ramadi (AUG 2005)

Michael Ware (born 25 March ) is an Australian journalist formerly with CNN and was for As of he is working on a book about the Iraq war, titled Between Me and the Dead. The title comes from a conversation he had with a friend in.

Between Me & the Dead...

I was a writer. It was at that point that I knew that I needed to do something. There was this journey upriver in pursuit of one man and the darkness that he represented. But I still struggled; I found it very hard to insert myself into the story. And for me, that story was akin to the Heart of Darkness. But also, in our highest ambition, it could also be seen as part of the conversation about the nature of us as human beings because in the end, we all have the light and the dark within us. You know it when you see what it is that our boys in uniform have to go through, the dark place they have to get to in order to fight and survive; when you see what it is that the Iraqis have to endure, the dark choices that some of these people that we now call the Islamic State have made -- I think all of that more broadly reflects upon the human condition.

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And there is worse to come, in a different way, from the less fervent but more arrogant cruelty of American soldiers. And the answer is: yes, we absolutely do need to watch this film. Unique too for having penetrated deep within first the insurgency loyal to Saddam Hussein, then the Islamist genesis of what is now Isis. The result, Only the Dead , is the most disturbingly poignant reporting to come from this horror, initiated and ignited 13 years ago by decisions made in London and Washington and which, never-ending, spilled into Syria, France, Tunisia and elsewhere. And rages still, for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. But the criticisms should be seen as fatuous.

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His last on-air appearance for the network was in December He was one of the few mainstream reporters to live in Iraq near-continuously since before the American invasion and gained early acclaim due to his willingness to establish contacts with the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Iraqi insurgency. He reported on the severity of the growing opposition Western coalition forces faced in mid, and his contacts have provided him with controversial videotapes of attacks on coalition forces, including the murder of four Blackwater contractors. Ware has been embedded with American and British military forces on numerous occasions, and the coalition forces have been the focus of many of his reports describing conditions in Iraq. As of he is working on a book about the Iraq war, titled Between Me and the Dead. The title comes from a conversation he had with a friend in the Marines; when asked how he deals with civilians asking how many people he's killed, the Marine said he replies, "That's between me and the dead. Michael Ware is a native of Brisbane Queensland , Australia.


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