Man values and work ethics book

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man values and work ethics book

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Successful entrepreneurs are known for having a strong work ethic and the ability to stick to their goals, carrying out the everyday tasks required to consistently reach and exceed them. While others around them struggle to get out of bed without hitting snooze five times, these entrepreneurs are often the ones who are up before the sun and have already hit the gym, eaten a healthy breakfast, taken personal development time, read some of a book and dropped the kids off at school before they even walked into the office. Having a strong work ethic is partly about determination, but it is also about other things like respect, honesty, self-improvement and working with a growth mindset. Business leaders have the opportunity to decide what kind of work ethic they want to see in their teams and then cultivate those behaviors in themselves in order to set the pace for the organization. When people have a strong work ethic, it generally means that they intrinsically value work and fair reward for consistent work. This value shows up in their behaviors as they clock in every day, work dependably and independently and demonstrate solid business results. While work ethic sounds like simple mind-over-matter determination, the dynamics that contribute to it are actually complex and take time to cultivate and grow.
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Aristotle & Virtue Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #38

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Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch [1] of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct. Ethics seeks to resolve questions of human morality by defining concepts such as good and evil , right and wrong , virtue and vice , justice and crime. As a field of intellectual inquiry, moral philosophy also is related to the fields of moral psychology , descriptive ethics , and value theory. Three major areas of study within ethics recognized today are: [2]. Rushworth Kidder states that "standard definitions of ethics have typically included such phrases as 'the science of the ideal human character' or 'the science of moral duty' ".

Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character and individual abilities. Social ingrainment of this value is considered to enhance character through hard work that is respective to an individual's field of work. Proponents of a strong work ethic consider it to be vital for achieving goals, that it gives strength to their orientation and the right mindset. A work ethic is a set of moral principles a person uses in their job. People who possess a strong work ethic embody certain principles that guide their work behavior, leading them to produce high-quality work consistently and the output motivates them to stay on track. A good work ethic fuels an individual's needs and goals, it is related to the initiative by a person for the objectives. It is considered as a source of self respect, satisfaction, and fulfillment.


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