The rise and fall of western civilization book

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the rise and fall of western civilization book

Niall Ferguson: why the West is now in decline - Telegraph

The Decline of the West German : Der Untergang des Abendlandes , or The Downfall of the Occident , is a two-volume work by Oswald Spengler , the first volume of which was published in the summer of Spengler revised this volume in and published the second volume, subtitled Perspectives of World History , in Spengler introduces his book as a " Copernican overturning " involving the rejection of the Eurocentric view of history, especially the division of history into the linear " ancient - medieval - modern " rubric. Cultures have a lifespan of about a thousand years of flourishing, and a thousand years of decline. The final stage of each culture is, in his word use, a " civilization ". Spengler also presents the idea of Muslims , Jews and Christians , as well as their Persian and Semitic forebears, being ' Magian '; Mediterranean cultures of the antiquity such as Ancient Greece and Rome being ' Apollonian '; and the modern Westerners being ' Faustian '. According to Spengler, the Western world is ending and we are witnessing the last season—"winter time"—of Faustian Civilization.
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Niall Ferguson: why the West is now in decline

The West is on the defensive, challenged economically by the ascent of China and politically and militarily by a wave of Islamist hatred. Perhaps as great a challenge is internal. The study of Western civilization, which dominated American education after World War II, has long been under attack, and is increasingly hard to find in our schools and colleges. When it is treated at all, the West is maligned because of its history of slavery and imperialism, an alleged addiction to war and its exclusion of women and nonwhites from its rights and privileges. Some criticize its study as narrow, limiting, arrogant and discriminatory, asserting that it has little or no value for those of non-European origins.

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