Lincoln and the civil war book

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lincoln and the civil war book

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Any recommended reading list therefore has to be highly selective and at least somewhat arbitrary. The books are broken down by category; after General Histories and Lincoln, the categories are arranged alphabetically; within each category the books are arranged alphabetically by author. Brief comments by Professor McPherson on books in his list have been included. Bruce Catton. A fast-paced chronicle of the fighting on the battlefield and the infighting in the political capitals of Washington and Richmond. Shelby Foote.
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Mark E. Neely Jr. - Lincoln, the Civil War, and the Constitution

While the heart of the book focuses on the Civil War, Gienapp begins with a finely etched portrait of Lincoln's early life, from pioneer farm boy to politician and.


Harvard history professor Gienapp The Origins of the Republican Party devotes a mere 70 pages of his brief new biography to Abraham Lincoln's prepresidential life; in a volume that "synthesizes modern scholarship about Lincoln" with the author's own studies, the Civil War years rightfully get most of the attention. At 51, Lincoln was one of the youngest men to be elected president, and he was also the first Westerner. Something of an unknown to Republican Party power brokers back east, Lincoln didn't have time to prove himself viable before South Carolina seceded from the Union and the Civil War loomed. Gienapp's primary ambition is to show how the green, upstart president handled the four years of crisis that followed—and how he became such an "extraordinary war leader. Likewise, Gienapp shows Lincoln the man: the father grieving over the death of a cherished son, the husband dealing with a moody, combustible wife. Gienapp seems to especially relish accounts of the harried Lincoln's savvy PR moves throughout the war, as when, in , he threw a bone to Northern pacifists and expressed his willingness to engage in peace talks with the Confederacy.

Lincoln's Citadel: The Civil War in Washington, DC [Kenneth J. Winkle] on This is the book's most important service: It shows how Lincoln and the city he came.
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About 15, books about Abraham Lincoln have been published, and yet it seems that there will always be more to learn about Honest Abe. Small wonder, considering the role the 16th president played in American history and what he accomplished during his time in office. No president has confronted greater turmoil before or since, and Lincoln's staunch leadership and unparalleled ability to communicate big ideas to vast audiences helped ensure the Union's success, which of course led to the end of slavery and the birth of the United States of America that we know today. Born on February 12, , Lincoln began his campaign to gain political leadership in the s. He rose from the obscurity of a failed campaign to join the House of Representatives in to become the the Republican nominee for president in And in one of the nation's most contentious political climates, full of horse-trading and smoke-filled back room dealing, Lincoln became the country's 16th president, just as the issue of slavery was threatening to tear the nation apart—which of course, it ultimately did.

Abraham Lincoln is a di Ycult subject for a biographer. Born into an undistinguished frontier family, he grew up in obscurity and left almost no written record until he entered politics as a young man. He said little about his family or youth, even to friends. Our knowledge of his formative years comes almost entirely from the series of interviews and recollections that Herndon collected in the years after Lincoln's death. Most of these recollections were written down years after the events described, and while invaluable they are difficult to use as historical sources.


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