Mayans and the book of mormon

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mayans and the book of mormon

Nephites and Lamanites, or Maya?

This is the second of two articles pointing out how developments in scholarship and science in the past half-century have produced information that seems to support and may actually help clarify the Book of Mormon. During the same period, increasingly careful study of the Book of Mormon by Latter-day Saints has placed it in new light as an ancient American document. In this article we will consider another major area of ancient American life and several smaller topics which illustrate this convergence. The prevailing opinion among the few experts around about the development of writing in the New World is summarized by Dr. Sylvanus G.
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The Book of Mormon Mayans and deforestation

Nephites and Lamanites, or Maya?

Have you ever heard of the Nephites or Lamanites? If you are a Mormon, you have. If you are not a Mormon, you probably know them by their real name, the Maya. Here is the story of how the names became linked:. Although the pair found the ruins covered in vines and trees, they also discovered signs of recent rituals and offerings left behind by the Maya in one of the buildings.

The Mayan hieroglyphic writing is singled out here for two reasons: it is the best known, and it dates to the late Book of Mormon period. The Mayan-speaking.
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For example, the following statement is made in The Ancient Maya:. The early inhabitants of the Pacific coast established some of the first settled communities in the Maya area. Archaeological evidence from this region demonstrates that these people, the precocious and innovative southern Maya, provided an important foundation for what was to become Maya civilization. Living along the coastal plain and in the adjacent highlands, they were blessed with a rich supply of natural resources. Sylvanus G. Morley and George W.

View the original article at the Book of Mormon Resources blog. On February 1, , National Geographic broke a story about some incredible new discoveries in Mesoamerican archaeology using new technology. It mapped 10 tracts totaling 2, square kilometers in the Mirador Basin and other areas of northern Guatemala. The surveyed area is less than half the size of Utah County. According to Parley P. Pratt, early critics dismissed the Book of Mormon, saying, "there were no antiquities in America, no ruined cities, buildings, monuments, inscriptions, mounds, or fortifications, to show the existence of such a people as the Book of Mormon described.


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    4 Ways the New Maya Discoveries May Relate to the Book of Mormon | Book of Mormon Central

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    However, the Classic period occurs after Book of Mormon times. LDS research has focused on identifying the characteristics of the Preclassic Mayan culture.

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