Can you share books between nook and ipad

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can you share books between nook and ipad

Share Nook Books with iPad/Kindle/Nook- Tips of Sharing Nook Books

If you love reading, you must have already known the pleasure of being able to share enjoyable books with others when you've finished them. Here are two simple ways enable you to share Nook books with friends with ease. When we share Nook books, those books have to be purchased by us. By sharing with each other, we can get more and more eBooks, having a wonderful reading life with Nook readers. You can also link your Nook to your Gmail account and import your contacts from Gmail and lend that way.
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Getting Nook ePubs to the iPad : Using an iPad

The Barnes and Noble Nook for iPad application is designed to allow you to carry your entire Nook eLibrary wherever you take the Apple portable device. The application works with the online Nook server to synchronize your library across multiple platforms.

How to Share a Nook eBook

As we see, iPad, Nook and Kindle are the top 3 popular eBook reading deices in the world. If you are a Nook user and own a lot of Nook books downloaded or purchased from online store, you may want to share Nook books with your friends who own other eReader devices, such as iPad, Kindle and Nook. Following are 3 different situations to share Nook books with friends. So please make sure the person you will share with is your trusted friend. With Nook for iPad, you can purchase, read and share Nook books. When you share a Nook book with the "Lend Me" feature, your friend has 7 days to accept the offer. Once he accepts the offer, your friend will have 14 days to read your book.

If you buy e-books from Barnes and Noble, you can download and read them on your Apple iPad with the free Nook app. After you sign in to your account, all the Nook books you purchased in the past are displayed in the app library. Unfortunately, at the time of publication it isn't possible to purchase new books from within the app, but you can buy new books from the Barnes and Noble website using any Web browser, including Safari on the iPad. Confirm your iPad is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Launch the "App Store" on your iPad. Tap "Search" and type "Nook" in the search field. Select the "Nook" app by Barnes and Noble.

NOOK Books that can be lent have a LendMe icon on the cover image in your You will also receive an e-mail from Barnes & Noble to confirm any lend offers.
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How to Share Nook Books with Friends

The two companies, however, are direct competitors and each device -- as well as its complementary reading app, which simulates the Nook or Kindle experience on any computer or mobile device -- features its own proprietary e-book file format. This makes it necessary to find a creative workaround if you wish to use a Kindle to borrow books from a Nook user. The Nook app can be installed and used to read Nook files on any Android device, but you won't find the installation package available in the Amazon App Store. You can, however, sideload applications -- in other words, manually transfer the application's installer file to the internal memory -- onto the device so they can be installed manually. Next, use the Kindle's browser to search by keyword "Nook APK" without quotes and download the resulting installation file to the device's on-board memory. Alternatively, you can use your computer to do so and then transfer the APK file to the Kindle. Launch the file explorer app and then navigate to and tap on the APK file.


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