Direction and quality of light pdf

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direction and quality of light pdf

book: Direction & Quality of Light

In physics , refraction is the change in direction of a wave passing from one medium to another or from a gradual change in the medium. How much a wave is refracted is determined by the change in wave speed and the initial direction of wave propagation relative to the direction of change in speed. Optical prisms and lenses use refraction to redirect light, as does the human eye. The refractive index of materials varies with the wavelength of light, [3] and thus the angle of the refraction also varies correspondingly. This is called dispersion and causes prisms and rainbows to divide white light into its constituent spectral colors. Consider a wave going from one material to another where its speed is slower as in the figure.
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Lighting 101: Quality of Light

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Understanding the direction of light

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Before we can truly grasp on-camera flash and off-camera flash, and really, any kind of photography, we have to be aware of the direction and quality of light. We need to observe the light that we have, and then decide how best to use it, or enhance it. On-Camera Flash Photography — out of print 2.
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Lighting 101: Direction of Light

Good perceptibility of illuminated bodies and surface structures essentially depends on sufficient shadow effects of the lighting. Modelling expresses the balance between diffuse and directed lighting and is an important aspect of lighting quality for practically any indoor space. The general appearance of an indoor space improves when architectural features, people and objects within it are illuminated in a way that makes shapes and surface structures clearly and comfortably recognisable. This is achieved when the light features a perceivable preferential direction which creates the unambiguous shadows important for good modelling. Lighting which is too diffuse creates a subjectively uncomfortable lack of shadows, dull work surroundings and an unattractive light ambience.




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