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cat and mouse pdf

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Cat and mouse , often expressed as cat-and-mouse game , is an English-language idiom dating to that means "a contrived action involving constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes. In extreme cases, the idiom may imply that the contest is never-ending. The term is derived from the hunting behavior of domestic cats , which often appear to "play" with prey by releasing it after capture. This behavior may arise from an instinctive imperative to ensure that the prey is weak enough to be killed without endangering the cat. In colloquial usage, it has often been generalized to mean the advantage constantly shifts between the contestants, leading to an impasse or de facto stalemate.
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The Cat and the Mouse, by Aaron Copland

Print and download in PDF or MIDI THE CAT AND THE MOUSE - AARON COPLAND (). Free sheet music for Piano. Made by.

Cat & Mouse for 5th Edition (PDF)

The yo-yo kitty is approximately 10" and is constructed from several different size yo-yos strung together with floss. The mouse companion is 5" long by 3" tall with yo-yo ears and a long yo-yo tail. Our shipping charges are based on the total of your order! If you would like expedited shipping, please contact our office via email at info indygojunction. The international shipping charge is a flat rate and is not dependent on the size of your order.

The cat is chasing the mouse through the kitchen: between the blue chair legs, over the tabletop with its red-and-white checkered tablecloth that is already sliding in great waves, past the sugar bowl falling to the left and the cream jug falling to the right, over the blue chair back, down the chair legs, across the waxed and butter-yellow floor. The cat and the mouse lean backward and try to stop on the slippery wax, which shows their flawless reflections. The mouse crashes through, leaving a mouse-shaped hole. The cat crashes through, replacing the mouse-shaped hole with a larger, cat-shaped hole. In the living room, they race over the back of the couch, across the piano keys delicate mouse tune, crash of cat chords , along the blue rug. The fleeing mouse snatches a glance over his shoulder, and when he looks forward again he sees the floor lamp coming closer and closer. Impossible to stop—at the last moment, he splits in half and rejoins himself on the other side.

A cat had made the acquaintance of a mouse, and had said so much to her about the great love and friendship that he felt for her, that at last the mouse agreed that they should live and keep house together. This good advice was followed, and they bought a pot of fat, but they did not know where to store it. Finally, after much consideration, the cat said, "I know of no place where it will be better stored up than in the church. No one dares take anything away from there. We will put it beneath the altar, and not touch it until we are need it. So the pot was stored safely away, but it was not long before the cat took a great longing for it, and said to the mouse, "I wanted to tell you, little mouse, that my cousin has brought a little son into the world, and she has asked me to be his godfather.

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