To the victor go the myths and monuments pdf

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to the victor go the myths and monuments pdf

To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments by Chuck Morse Speaks | Mixcloud

To be sure, these mediums are powerful venues for establishing political ideologies and shaping personal assumptions about the way the world works. This is especially the case in an age where the internet wields enormous potential for a person from any walk of life to build a powerful platform for spouting their beliefs and opinions. We must do away with this fiction that history is only written by the winners. The central argument of the Lost Cause, of course, is that the Confederacy was morally and constitutionally right in their efforts to secede from the United States. But loss is central to Lost Cause theory in that many of its advocates argue that the Confederacy was doomed from the very beginning of the war since United States forces had superior resources and military forces to overwhelm them. Although the historical reality demonstrates that there were several instances during the war when it appeared the Confederacy was on the brink of victory, the narrative power of young men patriotically putting their lives on the line for a doomed yet noble cause still appeals to a great number of Americans today. In Confederate General Daniel Harvey Hill established The Land We Love , a magazine that glorified Southern literature, agrarianism, and provided a platform for Confederate veterans to publish their reminiscences of battle.
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John Birch Society: Communist Influence Behind the Civil War

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According to tradition, the city of Rome was founded in the 8 th century B. At this point of time however, Rome was facing a threat not from without, but from within. The followers of Romulus were mostly men, as he had granted sanctuary to the rabble and outcasts of other cities. Whilst the population of Rome increased immediately, there was a shortage of women in the new settlement. Initially, the Romans sought to form alliances with and requested the right of marriage from their neighbors.

Arthur R. He took office in [1] after launching a "coup" with the support of the organization's former president John McManus. Thompson is also CEO of the FreedomProject Education, the educational arm of the American Opinion Foundation which is intended to provide online curriculum for students in grades 9 through 12 featuring an emphasis on "patriotism and the idea of American exceptionalism" which is "based on the foundation of Biblical belief". Before becoming head of the JBS, he had a long career as an anti-communist activist: he claims to have infiltrated Marxist organizations around his Seattle home in the s. In his JBS Biography, Thompson is also credited with past membership in an unnamed small City Council , as the chairman of an unnamed local Chamber of Commerce , as a party official and an elector for the Republican Party , and as a Washington state citizen advocate for the Christian Coalition.

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The author explains that those who study history soon discover that history books do not always contain the entire story, which often happens because of space constraints or because an author is unaware of certain facts. Such distortions, built up over time, can have deadly effects on a people and on nations. I refer here to the modern phenomenon of large numbers of high-school or even college graduates who are unable to find the Pacific Ocean on an unlabeled map of the world, or to arrange major events or historical personages in chronological order i. Kennedy was president a century after that conflict. Even the ability to use and understand the English language has fallen on hard times.


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