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Nowadays, the effects of capital-based decisions and, therefore transformation has effects on the structure of the existing city, the physical, social, and economic future of the people living in that city, and consequently all the traditions of the city. In this process, the urban landscape rapidly changes and the public urban landscape areas are replaced by the private landscape areas in many cities. For this purpose, Kayseri city that comes to the forefront with its planned development history since the proclamation of the Republic in Turkey was selected as the study area. In the study, the project-based renewal projects built in Kayseri province and the changes in the urban landscape were comparatively examined at urban level and structure level in terms of uniform structuring, increase in the density, devastation in the green system, privatization of the public space, and gentrification. The cities transform through the economic, demographic, social and ecological processes accompanied by the significant functional and structural changes in the urban landscapes. The urban landscape is constantly transforming into a different, because it has a sensitive structure that it carries the records and traces of events and movements [ 1 ]. In the literature, the concept of landscape refers to the complex transformation of the spatial structures through the social and cultural processes and it also refers to the interconnectedness between the spatial and the social aspects [ 3 ].
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Theory and Practice. Authors; (view PDF · Aspects of the Historical Development of Urban Renewal. Chris Couch. Pages PDF · Management and Organisational Theory for Urban Renewal PDF · Current Practice in Urban Renewal.

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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Urban Renewal Theory and Practice. Front Matter Pages i-vii. Pages Aspects of the Historical Development of Urban Renewal. Economic Theory for Urban Renewal.

A strategy for inner-city revitalization projects in Manila, Jakarta and Hanoi will need to be based on staged, highly interactive and participatory processes with public and private stakeholders. The strategy will be incremental and process-based, starting with small and strategic interventions which will build up to a broad coverage of the inner city areas. More specifically, private sector project concepts need to be developed for application in the urban conservation context. To make it happen an enabling legislation and framework is required, and an opening of the market, including of the removal of rent controls which have frozen developments in many historic city centres. Open minded city management can support this process through the provision of guidelines, model documents and contracts in order to generate the right confidence and investment stimuli. Heritage can become a driver of development. View more statistics.



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    Urban Land Economics and Public Policy, fourth edition P. N. Balch in, j. L. Kieve and G. H. Bull. Urban Renewal- Theory and Practice Chris Couch. ]CT.

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