Flute scales and arpeggios pdf

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flute scales and arpeggios pdf

Ferrari - Elementary Scales and Arpeggios sheet music for cello solo

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs. Product available. Scales an arpeggios or chords are the melodic and harmonic building blocks of all music. More enjoyable than the scales themselves, James Rae has deliberately chosen keys for the flute that give a comfortable, user-friendly introduction to the various tonalities. Each section in this volume for flute describes a particular type of scale and includes studies based on it. Included are: the major scale, the dorian mode, the mixolydian mode, the minor pentatonic scale, the jazz melodic minor scale, the blues scale, the chromatic scale, the whole tone scale and the diminished scale.
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How to play the C Major Scale and Arpeggio on the Flute: Learn Flute Online

Elementary Scales and Arpeggios sheet music for cello

Scales will developing your tone and technique. Here is one way of learning them: Name the notes in your scale remembering the key signature. Name a note and then move your fingers. Only move your fingers. Play the scale Try learning the names of the notes away from the music, remembering that a scale is simply a row of notes in alphabetical order. Only when you can play the scales smoothly should you start using printed music so that you can learn to recognise the scales and arpeggios in the same way that you would read a word, complete and not as a row of l e t t e r s.

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You can download a sample of the ebook free of charge. Once downloaded you will always have your Scale book with you wherever you go. The audio files are tongued however experiement with slurs, staccato tonguing and other patterns of play. There are audio files in total. Pages can be printed for individual use as the contents are protected by copyright. B ook Contents.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's comments!! Please feel free to comment on these blog pages. I LOVE feedback; it helps me write better. Thanks, Jen Cluff. Dear Jen, Thankyou so much for this informative information. As an adult re-learning the flute and with no access to a teacher , I was worried over the scales that I was doing. Your site has lots of really useful tips that I've found invaluable.


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