Daffodils questions and answers pdf

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daffodils questions and answers pdf

Question Answer of 'Daffodils' | English Literature

Tags : daffodils poem questions answers daffodils poem summary stanza wise daffodils stanza 2 explanation daffodils stanza 3 explanation daffodils summary englicist short summary of daffodils the daffodils summary class A great lover of nature, William Wordsworth, had once wandered aimlessly just like a cloud floats in the sky. He had suddenly come across countless golden daffodils by the side of a lake. Those golden daffodils were fluttering and dancing in the air, appearing like stars twinkling in the sky. The made as if they were dancing in a frenzy. The poet compares the golden daffodils with the stars that shine and twinkle in the sky. The poet feels the number of the daffodils as never-ending as the stars in the Milky Way.
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Daffodils by William Wordsworth - Question /Answer

Treasure Trove A Collection of ICSE Poems Workbook Answers Chapter 6 Daffodils

English Maths Physics Chemistry Biology. Comprehension Passages. Lines Read the lines given above and answer the questions that follow. Question 1. Explain with reference to context. At the beginning of the poem, the speaker is feeling lonely and sad.

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Read workbook answers of The Daffodils, get solved questions and expert answers to your own questions on The Daffodils in the Englicist question-answer .
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Reference To The Context

Answer 1: The poet was thrilled to see a host of golden daffodils by the side of the lake under the trees moving their head in a joyful dance. They seemed to be dancing like a human being expressing their energy and joy. When the poet saw the flowers, his imagination traveled to another world to find a comparison. He was reminded of the stars twinkling in the milky way at night. The long line of the daffodils flowers bore comparison with the bright stars seen across the night sky. Answer 2: the poet was alone full stop he was moving about aimlessly over the high valleys and hills watching the beautiful scenes of nature full stop suddenly he saw a great number of golden coloured flowers by the side of the lake under the trees moving their heads in joyful dance.

Daffodils Poem by William Wordsworth. About the poem. Read to understand. Choose the correct options. The stars in the sky.


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    Tags: daffodils poem questions answersdaffodils poem summary stanza wise daffodils stanza 2 explanationdaffodils stanza 3.

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    Introduction. In this unit you are going to study the poem Daffodils written by Wordsworth. . In his opinion, nature has the solution for all the problems of mankind. It refers to the decadence and decline of human manual skill and worth.

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