Social problems and the quality of life pdf

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social problems and the quality of life pdf

The quality of life concept in sociology | SpringerLink

The developments and changes in the social life have led to change in the social needs. Therefore, problems and their solutions also change. The industrial revolution which realized in the eighteenth century had some important impacts not only on the economic life but also on social structure. It was aimed to solve social problems and ensure prosperity through social policies, which is a multidisciplinary field, and consequently, the concept of welfare state emerged. The states, which had liberal concerns and traditional protection functions and reached a powerful position with their internationalist approaches, underwent a transformation period because of the economic and social developments which took place in the last quarter of the twentieth century. It has been subject of criticism that states increased the social expenses to satisfy the social needs and therefore caused an economic crisis in this period when the effects of globalization were discussed. In this study, the change and transformation process in the welfare states and their social policies at the global scale will be handled conceptually and from the historical development perspective.
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The Seven Habits of a Godly Life – Dr. Charles Stanley

What Are Some of the Drawbacks of Industrialization?

In economic terms, industrialization is the social and economic transformation of human society from agrarian to industrial. From approximately to , the United States transformed from an agrarian society, in which the economy is established on the society's ability to produce and regulate crops, to an industrialized society; this period is better known as the Industrial Revolution. During this period, many processes, traditionally performed by hand, were mechanized. Although processes were largely simplified by the introduction of new methods and machinery, industrialization introduced new problems. Its environmental drawbacks include the pollution of air, water, and soil that can result in significant deterioration of quality of life and life expectancy.

Over the past two decades there was an upsurge of the use of Internet in human life. With this continuous development, Internet users are able to communicate with any part of the globe, to shop online, to use it as a mean of education, to work remotely and to conduct financial transactions. Unfortunately, this rapid development of the Internet has a detrimental impact in our life, which leads to various phenomena such as cyber bullying, cyber porn, cyber suicide, Internet addiction, social isolation, cyber racism etc. The main purpose of this paper is to record and analyze all these social and psychological effects that appears to users due to the extensive use of the Internet. This review study was a thorough search of bibliography data conducted through Internet and library research studies.


The American Sociologist. An interdisciplinary concept, quality of life QOL has gained prominence in research in psychology, marketing, and several other disciplines. What is its status in sociology? Precursors of the concept figured in sociological research in the s on level and plane of living. Now, it is recognized in one sociological encyclopedia, a textbook, and a few sociological monographs, but otherwise has gained little coinage in general sociology. One social problems text has adopted it as an organizing theme. With these modest inroads, the components of QOL, such as inequality, income, crime, the environment, etc.


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