Energy management supply and conservation pdf

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energy management supply and conservation pdf

U.S. GAO - Key Issues: Energy Management in DOD Facilities

You need Adobe Reader 7. If Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, click the button below and go to the download site. Takeshi Watanabe and Toyonari Shimakage. Various energy-saving efforts are now being made throughout Japan not just to put a brake on global warming but also to stabilize the supply and demand of electric power and to reduce the escalating energy prices in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In particular, the construction and arrangement of smart communities is now being promoted as an effective energy-saving solution. A smart community must be able to perform integrated management of electric power and other energy sources including thermal energy and untapped energy for various types of consumer facilities such as homes and office buildings. This article introduces key issues surrounding the smart community and essential elemental technologies and presents a case study of an actual implementation.
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Energy Conservation- Principles and Approaches

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Energy: Management, Supply and Conservation

The Department of Defense DOD is the largest consumer of energy in the federal government, spending billions of dollars each year to power its permanent military installations around the world. To successfully execute its missions, DOD's facilities must have the energy resources necessary to operate. This is important today, but also in a future world where there is increasing competition for resources. Energy sustainability: DOD has a strategic goal to reduce energy demand and consider sustainability, including climate change adaptation, in its facility investment decisions. The department was on track to meet its fiscal year sustainability goals concerning use of renewable energy, reduction in facility water usage, and other categories. However, DOD was not on track to meet its goals related to sustainable buildings and reduction in facility energy consumption, among others.

Energy — its source, security, price, and the efficiency of its use, are increasingly important issues for a diverse range of people. It considers the systems needed to create low-energy, sustainable buildings, including passive solar design, energy-efficient heating and air-conditioning, and combined heat and power. In addition the book includes substantial sections on renewable energy, transport energy, and energy economics. This new edition includes the latest in alternate-energy technology, for example wind turbines and solar panels as well as updating important energy values and statistics. It will also be useful as a definitive handbook for professionals in the environmental, construction, utilities and facilities management sectors, as well as being of interest to those involved in sustainability economics and environmental policy making. He is both a mechanical engineer and a biomedical scientist, who for many years has had an interest in ways in which energy is utilized and consumed. He is an expert in the fields of energy management and low energy building design, with many years experience of the design and installation of mechanical services within the construction industry.

As a company in an increasingly energy-intensive business, Adobe is always looking for new ways to reduce our energy consumption and stabilize costs. We focus first on energy efficiency, purchasing only the amount of renewable energy required. We are advocating for local, regional and federal policy to decarbonize and modernize our grids and open them up to renewable energy for everyone — not just our own business. Most importantly, we plan to reach our goal without purchasing any unbundled renewable energy credits or carbon offsets. For Adobe, the goal is not to simply offset our carbon footprint, but to fundamentally change it.

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