Solidification of metals and alloys pdf

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solidification of metals and alloys pdf

The microstructure evolution and interface characteristics of a directionally solidified TiAl-3Si at. The Y 2 O 3 -skull that is in contact with the TiAl-melt is relatively stable, which results in a more controlled reaction between the skull and the melt than in the case of an Al 2 O 3 crucible is used. A thin reaction layer was formed between the mould and the melt through mutual diffusion. The layer thickness increased with increasing reaction time. Y 2 O 3 particles were not found in the specimen because the mould coating was prepared with fine Y 2 O 3 powder without a binder, which prevented the Y 2 O 3 particles splitting from the coating as a consequence of thermal physical erosion. The oxygen content of the TiAl-alloy increased with increasing reaction time.
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Production of Rapidly Solidified Metals and Alloys

This paper discusses, compares, and contrasts the major rapid solidification techniques presently available. A table and flow chart are included to permit rapid comparison of the techniques to be made, and a glossary of terminology is appended. The methods have been separated into two major categories, those which involve drop formation which encompasses all atomization techniques and those which generally involve stabilization of a liquid steam or surface. The salient features of the more than 30 techniques presented have been discussed in a manner which will aid the user and potential user in selecting a method appropriate to his needs. Many processes have been successfully applied to a wide variety of metal and alloy systems, with every indication that expanded use will continue to be seen in the future. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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