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intervention and reflection munson pdf

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Theoretical Medicine. The enormous growth in medical humanities programs during the past decade has resulted in an extensive literature concerning the content of the discipline and the issues that have been addressed. Comparatively little attention, however, has been devoted to the structure of the discipline of medical humanities concerning the process or the theoretical aspects of the pedagogy of teaching the discipline. This report explicitly addresses the pedagogical aspects of the discipline by comparing and contrasting two different basic approaches to the discipline referred to as the classical humanities approach and the humanistic psychology approach which roughly approximate the cognitive and affective approaches respectively. These two approaches are compared and contrasted in terms of their goals, objectives, methods of implementation, philosophical assumptions and evaluational techniques. Unable to display preview.
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Evidence-Based Interventions: an overview

Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Bioethics / Edition 9

A disagreement between a patient and her treating physician is a situation that both doctor and patient would likely rather avoid. Currently, a competent patient can make a treatment choice that is contrary to the advice of her treating physician, even if the choice results in death 1. However, consider the situation where there is a disagreement in treatment choice between the parent of an ill child and the physician. These disagreements often occur in cases where the prognosis for the severely ill infant or child is that they will survive, but with a poor quality of life. The presumption is that the parent has authority to make treatment decisions for a child when the child does not have the capacity to do so.

A collaboration between a nationally-acclaimed bioethicist and a seasoned journalist, this textbook continues to be the most widely used bioethics textbook on the market. Each chapter includes crisp summaries of the relevant ethical theories as well as classic and contemporary articles on the most pressing topics in the field. The accessible presentation of the conceptual debate and human dimension of today's biomedical ethics captivates and engages students, whether they are philosophy, nursing or medical majors or have no philosophical or scientific training. Louis and a nationally acclaimed bioethicist. After receiving his Ph. Ian Lague is a journalist and editor based in Portland, Oregon. He received his M.

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Baby K, as she came to be known, was born with a severe neurological condition known as anencephaly. In affect, she was born with both cerebral hemispheres missing from her brain, which means that her greatest potential would be shy of ever producing a single, fundamental thought. Her mother, insisted that Fairfax Hospital provide Baby K whatever treatment was necessary to keep her alive as long as possible, as most anencephaly cases failed to survive for more than a few hours, days or weeks at best. The cause of death can commonly be linked to the fact that the single brain stem cannot support normal respiratory functioning. But Baby K proved to be a survivor. At sixteen months she was stable at an extended care facility that provided her constant attention and total care.

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