Black and white tarot deck pdf

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black and white tarot deck pdf

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A Poet's Tarot. A Poet's Tarot is a women-oriented 74 card deck from It has black and white non-traditional illustrations on one side, and on the back of each card is a linked poem in purple and silver instead of a universal design. The suits of Sticks, Bowls, Knives and Pens are numbered from 1 to 13 - there's no distinction made for the court cards. Act With Tarot.
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Here is the ultimate collection of black and white RWS tarot images in PDF format all for free. The RWS deck is so old that it is now in the public.

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All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Contact us. Public domain Rider Waite line drawings? Elizabeth Genco. Hi everyone, Once upon a time, I think I stumbled upon a site that had public domain line drawings of the Rider Waite available for download. I want to say that the site had maybe 2 or 3 other public domain decks and their line drawings as well.

Scans of the unmodified, original artwork at the as-is card size dimensions is provided for free download. Different versions of the card files are provided so you can customize and personally tailor the card design until the result is not just my work, but our work in harmony. Modify the as-is files provided here until you see yourself in the final product. Stay tuned for official announcements and pre-order details. After deciding to officially produce, print, and publish the full deck for sale, which will be a black and white deck, I returned to each card to fine-tune the detailing. Since the intent for offering the Major Arcana for free was for ritual coloring, in Key 2: The Priestess, I left both pillars blank white so that you can color them in any way you like.

These are in PDF format to make it easier to download them in bulk and print them straight from the files. Each image is x pixels. The PDF files have bookmarks to make it easier to jump to a specific card. Follow these instructions when using Adobe Acrobat:. Want a coloring book? It's pretty great for studying because you can meditate on the cards while coloring them in. You could buy Theresa Reed's coloring book.


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RWS Tarot Images in Black and White




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