Value and capital management pdf

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value and capital management pdf

Why Working Capital Management Matters

Efficient management of working capital ensures profitability and overall financial health for businesses. Working capital is the cash that companies use to operate and conduct their organizations. Effective working capital management ensures that a company always maintains sufficient cash flow to meet its short-term operating costs and short-term debt obligations. The elements of working capital that investors and analysts assess to evaluate a company determine a company's cash flow. These elements are money coming in, money going out, and the management of inventory. Effective working capital management requires coordinating several tasks such as managing short-term investments, granting credit to customers and collecting on this credit, managing inventory, and managing payables.
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On Value Investing: A Conversation with Joel Greenblatt W’79 WG’80

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The Components of Working Capital Management

Human capital is the stock of habits , knowledge , social and personality attributes including creativity embodied in the ability to perform labour so as to produce economic value. Human capital is unique and differs from any other capital. It is needed for companies to achieve goals, develop and remain innovative. Companies can invest in human capital for example through education and training enabling improved levels of quality and production. Human capital theory is closely associated with the study of human resources management as found in the practice of business administration and macroeconomics. The original idea of human capital can be traced back at least to Adam Smith in the 18th century.


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