Pl sql interview questions and answers pdf

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pl sql interview questions and answers pdf

Latest Chapter Wise PLSQL Inteerview Questions and Answers PDF | Pl/Sql | Subroutine

Explicit cursors — Explicit cursors are used for queries that return more than one row. It is a programmer-defined cursor for gaining more control over context area. In order to use explicit cursors, the following steps are used-. Implicit cursors- These cursors are created when any SQL statements are executed. Using blocks you can develop a function, a procedure or probably a package. Generally, these blocks can be classified into two broad categories:.
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Top 50 SQL Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

Write a PLSQL function that accepts some text and validates that the text has only Alphanumeic characters and returns true else returns false. It will return a value "greater than 0" if string1 contains any non-alphanumeric characters.

PL/SQL Interview Questions & Answers

It is portable to all environments that support Oracle. Stored procedures help better sharing of application. Compilation process includes syntax check, bind and p-code generation processes. When all errors are corrected, a storage address is assigned to the variables that hold data. It is called Binding. P-code is stored in the database for named blocks and is used the next time it is executed. You can import the Retrofit libraries along with dependencies to establish communication with your Android App.

PL/SQL Interview Questions And Answers

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PL SQL is a procedural language which has interactive SQL, as well as procedural programming language constructs like conditional branching and iteration. Cursor is a named private area in SQL from which information can be accessed. They are required to process each row individually for queries which return multiple rows. It then opens a cursor, gets rows of values from the active set in fields of the record and shuts when all records are processed. It is used for : 1 Audit data modifications. Function is called as a part of an expression. Table columns are referred as THEN.


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