Present pasts urban palimpsests and the politics of memory pdf

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present pasts urban palimpsests and the politics of memory pdf

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Paul Ricoeur, Memory, History, Forgetting , pp. Plato, Theaetetus d [ website ]. Walter Benjamin, "On the Concept of History" [ website ]. Elizabeth A. Further reading: Both articles as PDF. Jeffrey Herf, Divided Memory , chapter 6
File Name: present pasts urban palimpsests and the politics of memory
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Atkinson & Shiffrin's Multi Store Model of Memory (AKA: Two-Process Model) - Memory

Andreas Huyssen trained in Europe as a scholar of German and Romance literatures, but branched out in his academic career in the U. His research and teaching has focused on German literary history, international modernism in literature and the arts, Frankfurt School critical theory, and cultural memory politics in transnational contexts.

Present Pasts Urban Palimpsests and the Politics of Memory

A pink marble colossus spanning four city blocks with a cavernous waiting room whose design was based on the Roman Baths of Caracalla, Penn Station was so important to the urban fabric of New York that its destruction was inconceivable even to those who knew the battle to save it could not be won. Loss-driven nostalgia of this sort is a facet of preservation writing that is seen every time a beloved building or neighborhood is under threat. Yet it is only one approach to the topic. The literature of nostalgia and preservation is surprisingly catholic. Embracing such themes as commemoration, exile, memory, gentrification, tourism, and politicization, such writing tends to be global in tone but specific to place. This is to be expected. After all, whether in Moscow, Port-Au-Prince, Bangkok, or Havana, change over time is the marrow of nostalgia, and for most of us that wistfulness is rooted in our tangible surroundings, whether real or reified.

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    History, Memory, and Cultural Discourse

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    He is the founding director of the university's Center for Comparative Literature and Society and one of the founding editors of the New German Critique.

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