Best puberty books for boys

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best puberty books for boys

Books About Puberty for Boys and Girls

Start your trial for FREE today! Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. Clear, accurate information that's age-appropriate is essential when you decide to use a book to help you discuss puberty and sex with your children. We've picked some of the best books to help you make potentially awkward conversations easier, whatever your child's age. You know your child best, so always check you're happy with the level of detail and information in a book before you share it with them. Subscribe to add to wishlist. Mummy Laid An Egg!
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What's happening to me? Book for Boys

Best children's books about puberty and sex

Puberty is an incredibly confusing time of life for everyone involved — both for the children going through it and the parents. One of the best ways to provide your children with all of the approved and safe information is to give them a puberty book. There are separate puberty books for girls and puberty books for boys, so make sure you find the one that fits your child. The best puberty books for girls are not only comprehensive but body positive and inclusive as well. This book is recommended for eight years old through ten years old, making it the perfect accompaniment to early puberty information, including tips on eating healthy, making friends, buying a bra, getting pimples, and even getting a period. This is the first in a series, so once your child gets older, you can get the second one that covers even more. This is a book that has stood up to the test of time through some careful rewrites and carefully added sections.

The Change. The Talk. Down There. It all sounds so ominous. Depending on your own comfort level with the topic of puberty — which can sometimes segue into discussions of sex and sexuality — there are plenty of books that will help you and your tween daughter or son muddle through armed with facts, funny anecdotes, and a good dose of tender loving care and reassurance. That said, I was surprised how well the book was received.

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We know that for children growing up can be exciting but also be scary all at the same time. We also know that for parents having a young child enter that awkward pre-teen puberty stage can also be challenging. Preparing your little boy and also yourself for the stage of puberty can be a huge task, but do not fear these books are here to help. This is a complete list of the best books on the market and all the details. Recently the list underwent an update and two books were replaced. For this update, we focused on rewriting our introduction in order to correct various spelling and grammatical errors.

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I think it must be something about being a woman, but I feel pretty prepared when it comes to talking to my girls about puberty and sex. How hard could it be? But boys are a whole other breed. Beloved Australian writer John Marsden is for boys who are about to become men. Lynda Madaras is the author of several growing up guides, loved by parents, teachers, librarians, doctors and kids.


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