Best books written in italian

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best books written in italian

The Best Italian Novels | Five Books Expert Recommendations

Turns out, it was true and my experience mirrors language learners like Luca Lampariello and Olly Richards who swear by reading as an immensely helpful activity for increasing conversational ability. Since I made that declaration, I had to find books from all my favorite genres in Italian that would help me get through the year. While I started out with business and productivity books by like Una cosa sola and Il magico potere del riordino , I slowly shifted into less serious life books and more fun, enjoyable literature by Italian authors. Meno male ;]. This was the first romance book, called un romanzo rosa , in Italian that really got me into the romance genre.
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Best Books For Learning Italian

13 Classic Books Every Italian Has Read When in School

Make Your Own List. In the decades following Italian unification, its authors starting writing in the new common language: Italian. Italy-based novelist Tim Parks introduces us to some of the best novels by some of Italy's greatest writers. Interview by Toby Ash. Tim Parks in a British-born author, translator and lecturer who has lived in Italy since His non-fiction works include Italian Neighbours and An Italian Education , highly personal accounts of life in northern Italy. His most recent book is Teach Us to Sit Still , a narrative reflection on health, illness and meditation.

You probably are going on holiday for a few days and have more free time than usual. There might be long days at the beach or some time spent in a cabin in the woods. Books are just a perfect way to dive deep into the culture of a certain country. The choice is quite limited, but the selection is worthy nonetheless. One of my favorite books of all time. Stefano Benni is a very prolific writer, but just a few of his books have been translated into English. This is one of them, the story of a young man who has an amazing gift: he can see into the future.

All titles contain Amazon links. The Divine Comedy should naturally top this list due to its status in as one of the greatest works in Italian and world literature. The rhymed narrative poem was completed in , it helped to shape the Italian language and preserve a medieval world-view for the afterlife. A true classic. The first Italian novel is a 17 century love story of Renzo and Lucia who are prevented from marrying and forced to flee by a cruel tyrant on a backdrop of war, revolution, religion and disease.


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Maraini has led an extremely colourful life — her family fled fascism in Europe, only to be imprisoned in a camp in Japan during the war years. Read the first chapter of The Silent Duchess online here. Margaret Mazzantini, born in Dublin, Ireland in to an Irish mother and Italian Father is both a an award winning novelist and actress. After an itinerant childhood that included periods in Ireland, Spain and Morocco, Mazzantini grew up in Tivoli in Lazio. During the s Mazzantini had a succesful stage and film career, before publishing her first novel, Il Catino di Zinco in ,which won the premio Campiello of that year up against writers of the calibre of Antonio Tabucchi. In her novel Non Ti Muovere was published to widespread critical and public acclaim. Twice Born , her other major novel available in English, was published in Italian title Venuto al Mondo , and set between Rome and Sarajevo, dealing with themes of motherhood and war.

Reading novels by Italian authors opens your eyes to the Italy beyond the tourist spots as well as telling the human side of history you never touched on in school. Elena Ferrante, author of the four 'Neapolitan novels' which document the friendship of two women in a changing Italy, is the best known contemporary Italian novelist, though her identity remains a secret. But the Naples of her novels is definitely real, and their popularity has lured tourists to the working class neighbourhoods depicted in the books for a taste of authentic Italy. Here are five must-read Italian novels for readers who want to be transported to the Mediterranean nation. All of them are available in English translation, and most have also been adapted into films. Alternatively, they make great practice for Italian-learners, and will help you pick up some dialect and regional idioms. Photo: AFP.

I was a good student and have always loved reading, but some of the assigned reads stayed on my desk almost untouched. However, no matter if I read them thoroughly or just skimmed through them, there are some books that are a staple of my education — as in the education of every Italian. These are books that have been taught us in various stages throughout middle and high school and which are frequently referenced to in our culture. We may not have read them, but we all know what they are about and who wrote them because they undoubtedly are the most important classics in our literature. Therefore, I thought it may be interesting for you — if you are studying in Italian or are just interested in the culture — to know about them. Reading some of them can be quite challenging, but you can read their plots and their themes, just like many Italians did! Undoubtedly the most important Italian book of all times , La Divina Commedia is one of the masterpieces of world literature.


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