Best nonfiction books about los angeles

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best nonfiction books about los angeles

Books about Los Angeles: Our top city-based reads

Make Your Own List. Interview by Eve Gerber. What inspired you to make a career out of covering your hometown? Los Angeles has always fascinated me. As far back as the Gold Rush [which began in ] people have come to Southern California to reinvent themselves. They can have all kinds of troubles back East or in the Midwest but if they could make it as far as Southern California they could become someone other than who they were before. They could distance themselves from their back-story.
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On Writing Bestselling Nonfiction Books with Ghostwriter Michael Levin - PPP76

Los Angeles is a hard city to truly love. Sure there is a lot to like—the weather, the food, the space—but love requires something deeper. It requires a deep understanding.

Best of 2018: Non-Fiction

We need your L. Now, here are the beginnings of our nonfiction list, in no particular order. Pictorial history of the city, with more than images and essays by Heimann, Kevin Starr and David Ulin. John W. Then again, what about some of these? About Us.

Living in Los Angeles does something to you. The literature of Los Angeles paints a city that is rich but also a brutal playground, its inhabitants balancing on that tightrope of contradiction. Some are classics, others lesser known, but all have captured part of that elusive LA soul. Didion moved to Los Angeles in the s, where she and her husband quickly became regulars at parties in the Hollywood Hills. Her Los Angeles is artificial, a place where loneliness eats at the soul. Maria is a solitary figure, adrift in a world of celebrity and false friendships, on the verge of a breakdown.

If you don't know what to read, or think there is nothing left to read, then pick up this book all 3. The list includes fiction and non-fiction, arranged alphabetically by authors' last names. Mustich then adds a type of addendum, "A Miscellany of Special Lists". This book will make you want to live longer to read more. William Giraldi is a literary critic who glories in reading good books. A man with high standards and catholic tastes, who completely justifies his very strong opinions.

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This year saw a bumper crop of terrific books about Los Angeles, and some great material from L. Los Angeles magazine contributor David Kipen recently distilled five centuries of observations about the city into his excellent Dear Los Angeles: The City in Diaries and Letters, to , but we already ran a nice chunk of that in our last issue. A larger-than-life Taschen art book is the perfect venue for the giant hot dogs, drive-through doughnuts, and derby-shaped restaurants that captivated L. Author Jim Heimann has spent decades prowling libraries, pestering old-timers, and hitting up swap meets before dawn looking for photos, matchbooks, and historical evidence that this California Crazy world ever existed, since most of it with a few exceptions disappeared before you were born. Even today, more than 50 movies and TV shows are filmed there every year, and its because City Hall is a spectacular building that provides a dramatic backdrop to the humdrum routines that make a city function. This handsome, elegant volume explores every nook and cranny of the iconic tower, bringing us up close to see all the tiny details.

Urban theorist Mike Davis charts the geopolitics and diverging social forces that shaped the rise of Los Angeles as both utopia and dystopia. Davis rails against the enduring influence of a discriminatory Catholic Church, rapidly accelerating gang violence begetting an overzealous police force, and panoptic, increasingly privatized public space. Architect Reyner Banham turns his eye on how the organic and constructed environments of the city form several ecologies that drive the ways Angelenos relate to the city and each other. This vivid Taschen tome is as visually satisfying as it is informative; a sprawling portrait of the making of LA. Sourced from historical archives, museums and private collections, Los Angeles: Portrait of a City offers a top-notch visual history chock-full of excellent photography and ephemera from all the way to Topical essays by esteemed California historian Kevin Starr, LA Times book editor David Ulin, and cultural anthropologist Jim Heimann offer context and insight in recounting narratives that have shaped the city.



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    Loving Los Angeles: 36 Books To Help You Finally “Get” LA | Thought Catalog

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