Best books for surgery rotation

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The Best Books for Medical School: Clinical Rotations - #Lifeofamedstudent

For utilizing the Best Books for Clinical rotations, I suggest picking one study book and question banks. Honestly, I almost failed anatomy during my first semester of medical school — then a very wise professor told me the secret to studying in medical school. I never came close to failing again! Blueprints tended to be the most detailed, but also the most challenging to get through. Case Files is an often cited favorite, is comprehensive enough, and presents the material by going through clinical cases. First Aid, like its many other study books, is concise and bullet-point formatted.
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Best Books for Surgery Rotation in Med School

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Pestana's is the shortest, high yield surgery book you will find for the surgery rotation and shelf. Pestana details different surgery pathology in quick, easy to read paragraphs. There are many accounts on SDN and Reddit where students have relayed how they only used this text in addition to UWorld to honor the shelf and the rotation. Small, light, and a quick read; you could easily read this text times through the rotation just during downtime in between cases. Originally published in , the time-tested NMS Surgery Casebook goes over different cases and case variations with vignettes and explanations. It is well laid out with black and white pictures and diagrams that detail the anatomy and concept behind different procedures.

July 13, This post is part of our series on the best books and resources to help you perform well on your third year rotations and shelf exams. At the beginning of each of these clerkship lists there are a few things I must say. First, your grade on clinical rotations will depend on both your clinical performance and your performance on a shelf exam at the end of the rotation. As a resident, I currently find myself filling out medical student evaluations every week. You have no alternative but to study! From the onset let me point out two indespesible resources that I will not list for each rotation individually.


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