Best historical mystery book series

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best historical mystery book series

Best Historical Mystery Books |

Historical mysteries are a subset of the mystery genre and cover the vast range of human civilizations, from ancient Egypt to midth Century New York. I've read many discussions about what qualifies as historical, but I'd venture to say that you — the reader — would be the best judge. Is it historical if it's not within your memory? Sounds good to me. Some of the following historical mystery titles are well-known, some less so. In each case, they're the first in a series so don't say I didn't warn you! Lord Meren as the Eyes and Ears of young Pharaoh Tutankhamen must solve a frightening murder in a sacred precinct before the Pharaoh's enemies use the death against him.
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I suppose the same can be said of many different fields, but I think it is especially true for history because there are so many ways to interpret decisions and events. Since none of us were there, and often there is only a limited number of corroborating documents to support a point of view, we have to resort to speculation.

Favorite Historical Mystery Series

Historical crime writing is a varied type within the crime genre, and seems to be growing. From stories based on true crimes to conspiracies, the importance of getting the history right is crucial. Not just right, but the history has to be believable. A good historical crime book needs to effortlessly create the background to the story without overwhelming it with detail. Each writer has to decide where to draw the line between a history textbook and a modern story. Sometimes the story just has to come first.

The authors on this list will have you holding your breath as you furiously flip through the pages trying to deduce whodunnit. From Ruth Rendell to Agatha Christie, these eight historical mystery novels are sure to open your eyes to new and frightening worlds. The rules of the Midwest in the s were pretty clear: young women were expected to get married and produce children. But when the bodies of a mother and child are discovered, Nell begins to fear for her life and that of her unborn child—prompting a thrilling mystery. She finds comfort in her diary, which she keeps writing in until

by Sherry Thomas

10 Most MYSTERIOUS BOOKS In History!

If you like your mysteries from a by-gone era, to read to travel back in time and relish a chance to step back in time to before modern forensics and technologies to a time when detectives or amateur sleuths actually used their own brains and intuitions over the technology at their disposal, stay tuned. We have scoured the annals of history, searching out the best historical mysteries for your reading pleasure. This subgenre is called ' historical mystery ' and we've done our best to bring you the best of this unique subgenre -- the books that squarely intersect both the historical fiction genre and the mystery genre From Victorian England to Ancient Egypt to Czarist Russia and beyond, here's the top 25 mystery books you historical mystery lovers out there simply must read. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, the protagonist of our perfumed parable, is born with an extraordinary sense of smell, able to dissect and identify anything that tickles his olfactory fancy. A scentless freak himself however, Grenouille becomes obsessed with bottling the smell he deems the greatest: the smell of beautiful young virgins. Why it is that only beautiful virgins smell so good is a mystery in itself, but not the actual story's focus surprisingly , so let's get back on track. Sskind describes the highly changeable period of revolution perfectly, the vile smells of 18th century Paris almost emanating from the pages as Grenouille's unique talent identifies them in lush, disturbing and often waaaay too much detail even so far as to identify anal sweat!

Charlotte Holmes is the typical English rose: beautiful, fashionable, and entirely charming. And when a trio of unexpected deaths strikes London, Lady Sherlock is gonna get the job done. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Veronica Speedwell is a sexually liberated Victorian butterfly hunter with a lethal hatpin. Stoker is brooding, mysterious, and sometimes wears an eye patch. Together they solve crimes with plenty of witty banter. Also they have exceedingly frustrating sexual tension.


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