Best nclex study guide book

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best nclex study guide book

The 3 Best NCLEX Review Books for Compared and Analyzed. Kevin's Review.

The Content Review means you need to focus on re-learning everything that you have learned and forgotten over the years. The Strategy Review focuses more on tips and test-taking strategies. If you think you already know a lot of content on nursing topics, you can focus more on eliminating choices and answering test questions. Each of those sections is carefully organized to help you be more familiar with common health problems. The book has over 6, questions that facilitate higher order thinking and active learning.
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The Best of the Best Books for Passing the NCLEX

While you might have fabulous study groups and a pretty good grasp on the information being tested, there is still much to be gained from a proper NCLEX review book before testing. While there are so many of these review books that you can use to prepare for you exam, having an overview of your top options is a great way to start your NCLEX study plan. Looking for more? One thing that most student notice from the Saunders Comprehensive Review is the arrangement of the text in sections. Each of the sections is written in language that is easy to understand in simplified grammar. With each new edition, you can notice that there is an emphasis to increase visual content such as charts, graphs, colored pictures that are properly annotated to ensure that students have something to break up the monotony of the text.

These three books are the best in their categories: nursing knowledge, nursing judgment, and NCLEX practice. In this chart, I compare each book's thickness, number of pages, and number of practice questions both in-book and online. I practiced a large sample of questions from each book, trying my best to get each right. I counted how many I got right and wrong, and the percent that I got wrong is used to rate how difficult each book is. As I practiced each NCLEX question, I rated it on whether you needed nursing content, nursing judgment, or if the question actually combined both of those things in order for you to get the question correct. As you might know, the NCLEX uses a Bloom's taxonomy to make sure the cognitive levels of each question are at a certain level. Here's what you'll see in my chart:.

I put this article together to summarize some deeply researched recommendations on the best NCLEX books and resources out there in case you are looking to get one right now. The book is broken out into various, well-written sections that offer concise, easy-to-understand text, diagrams and pictures. The most current edition has been updated to address new updates to the exam. They utilize something called pyramid points to help drill home key concepts. As helpful as Saunders Comprehensive Review is, most people recommend using it for at least 6 weeks prior to the exam for best results. The good part is that Saunders provides a study schedule to help organize even the worst test crammer.

From NCLEX review books to NCLEX study materials, choosing the right NCLEX study guide is essential for performing on your test day.
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The Ultimate Prep List


Nursing is undoubtedly one of the most noble professions. With the rapidly increasing demand for nurses, now is the best time to establish a nursing career. Going through hundreds of prep books can be exhausting. So ahead of all this, we are helping you cut the process short. Forget about the rest because here are some of the best nursing licensure review materials.

However, there is another significant step you have to make before leaping into your career — the NCLEX exam. Most nurses are terrified of this test, and they spend weeks if not months, preparing to face their fears. Fortunately, we have the perfect weapon to help you get ready for this battle — the best NCLEX prep books. Stay with us as we explain what the NCLEX is, why is it a good idea to purchase a prep book, how to find the right one for yourself and present you the top five prep books on the market. It sounds serious and scary, but what is it exactly? The purpose of this notorious exam is to ensure that future nurses have adequate knowledge and skills, and that they are certified and licensed to practice nursing in various institutions across the US.

Do you need a full-on content refresh? What about help with test-taking strategies? Need extra practice on those pesky priorities questions? Whatever your needs are, there are many, many resources available to help you out. They require you to dig deep and really think critically about the situation presented. Depending on your needs and learning style, the book is available in hard copy or ebook. Kaplan is the gold-standard when it comes to test prep.


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