Best books on the eastern front ww2

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best books on the eastern front ww2 | History of Eastern Front in World War II

Make Your Own List. The popular military historian Antony Beevor recommends some of his own favourite books about the Second World War. You can also browse our books recommendations specifically on D-Day. Antony Beevor is an English military historian. He is a former officer with the 11th Hussars, who served in England and Germany for five years before resigning his commission. He has published several popular histories on the Second World War and the 20th century in general.
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The REAL Story of Pavlov's House at Stalingrad

What are the best books about the Eastern Front during WW2?

Davies of the University of Utah. The book traces the foundation of the post-war myth of the clean Wehrmacht , its support by U. The book garnered mixed reviews. The positive reviews commended its thorough analysis on the creation of the myth by German ex-participants and its entry into American culture. One reviewer described the book as a "tour de force of cultural historiography ", and another observed that it "presents a discomforting portrait of the American views of the Eastern Front".

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At the end of his book, The Second World War , John Keegan offers a list of 50 books in English that "together provide a comprehensive picture of the most important events and themes of the war, which are readable and from which the general reader can derive his own picture of the war as a guide to deeper reading. For example, there is no book on the invasion of Poland in The list is nearly 20 years old, but it is still valuable to those researching World War II. Some of these books are out-of-print, but most of them are readily available and have been republished several times which means Keegan put together a quality list. Esposito is the first book listed. The books have detailed maps of all campaigns, not just the ones involving Americans.

From action-packed eyewitness accounts such as Guadalcanal Diary to devastating Holocaust memoirs like The Diary of Anne Frank and Night to the thrilling espionage tale of Operation Mincemeat , World War II is the subject of some of the most fascinating and influential nonfiction books ever written. Each year, seemingly dozens of new titles emerge to offer fresh perspectives and uncover fascinating details about the deadliest conflict in human history. These twenty-one classics cover the war from the Eastern Front to the South Pacific, and investigate its murky origins and complex legacies.
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World War II

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    In this gritty book, Stephen G. Fritz, a professor of history at East Tennessee State University, shows the Eastern Front from the German.

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