Best fly fishing books of all time

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best fly fishing books of all time

25 Best Fly Fishing Books for Anglers of Any Level () |

No matter how accomplished you become as an angler, there will always be another fishing technique to master, a new knot or fly pattern to learn or angling destination to read up on and visit! Our list of the best fly fishing books will keep you both entertained and learning no matter your level of experience as well as inspire you to experiment with new fishing tactics, tie new flies and venture to new water! Perfect as a gift for a friend or as an addition to your own library, our list of both classic and modern fly fishing books will continue to fuel the addiction! Tight lines from all of us here at Heavy! This book has compiled the most breathtaking fly fishing destinations in the world in order to inspire the reader to go on their own angling adventures. There are wonderful photographs and information for each destination regarding the cultural and natural history of each site as well as some insightful input from both the author and regional fishing experts. This is a seriously addicting book to try and pull your attention from.
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Jack Dennis recommended fly fishing books to read this winter

She'd heard of David James Duncan, though, so all is not lost I suppose. Niall's book is about fly fishing lakes, with a focus on the high He's the unquestioned father of modern fishing writing, and definitely one of the best authors the . Over time, the protection of the Clean Water Act for small headwater.

The Best Fly Fishing Books of All Time

Fly fishing is so much more than just a hobby. While it can be a fun pastime to waste a few hours of a weekend, or even a sport to see how many fish you can catch and what exotic and rare creatures you can find; the activity can also be much more than either of those things. Fly fishing is at its best when you feel as though you are truly using your body and brain as nature intended — to hunt, track and outsmart your prey. This is a chance to switch off from technology and the stresses of modern life and to immerse yourself in areas of natural beauty. This is an opportunity to wade out into beautiful, still waters, to cast your line far across the water to the opposite bank and to watch as your expertly crafted and researched fly does its work and attracts its prey. And then the game begins! The best fly fishing books are not just the general guides and references — although these can be instrumental in helping you to catch more fish and become better at your chosen craft — rather, the best fly fishing books of all time are the ones that capture the very spirit of fly fishing and that fill you with inspiration and the desire to get back out there as soon as possible.

Fly fishing is the type of pursuit that lends itself to good prose. Whatever the reason, it has benefitted apostles of the sport tremendously as they do not want for well written literature about their fishing method of choice. Digesting his short stories is like taking a quick fishing trip with an old friend who happens to have a masterful grasp on all things fly fishing. Fly fisherman should strive to read all of his books, but start with the cult classic Trout Bum , which approaches fly fishing as a lifestyle rather than a mere hobby. The main character, Gus Orviston, is considered something of a fishing prodigy, having landing his first steelhead on the fly at age six.

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Jump to navigation. A few weeks back, I sat in my Monday afternoon contemporary American literature class while we discussed the current renaissance of love for the American West in film and literature. I spent the last of my teen years and the first few of my 20s as a bonafide trout bum. He also went to Yale, wrote screenplays, and novels. McGuane manages to be reflective and not pretentious, something a lot of fishing writers struggle with. If you want to learn as much as you can about the bugs that feed our fish, start your studies with Caddisflies. Love or hate him, his writing has undeniably shaped culture for hundreds of years.

And my favorite summer pastime just might be hanging out in my hammock with domestic brew and a good book after a long day of fun on the water. Here are my picks for your shelves, fishing pack, or Kindle. Most of these books are available in a lightweight and packable e-format. I read this book before fly fishing was a part of my life and loved it anyway. In , a librarian named Shelley Walchak set out in her newly outfitted camper to fish a new river every week for a year. And secondly, she graced us with a piece of writing on each of these rivers. Not sure how they made that into a hour movie just kidding, but man it drags , but Robert Redford can literally do whatever he wants.


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