Best serial killer books 2017

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best serial killer books 2017

29 of the Creepiest Books About Serial Killers

The traditional definition of a serial killer is a person who has killed three or more people. Individuals who can single-handedly spread this kind of death and destruction have been a terrifying part of our collective conscience for centuries. And we read about serial killers to this day with morbid fascination, especially as they make such chilling adversaries for the heroes and heroines of crime fiction. So we decided to highlight a few favourites. New FBI agent Clarisse Starling is tasked with questioning the one man that may be able to help capture him, the imprisoned serial killer Dr Hannibal Lector. The Silence of the Lambs is certainly one of the most popular serial killer novels, and it and its prequel, Red Dragon spawned two films — Manhunter in , and Silence of the Lambs in
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Jo Nesbo might be just be the current king of Nordic Noir, and this bleak, tightly constructed thriller is one of his best. Buy now from your favorite retailer:. Lindsay put a fascinating spin on the serial killer trope by introducing a sociopath who channels his homicidal urges toward those who have escaped justice. Patricia Highsmith was among the most influential crime fiction writers of the latter twentieth century, and Tom Ripley is her greatest creation. Beginning as a small-time con man, Ripley works his way up the social ladder to a life of opulence.

Serial killer novels are popular partially because the readers feel the tension throughout the whole story: In a regular Whodunit, a crime is committed and most of the story is dedicated to investigation and deduction. Not For Serial Killer Stories…There is usually a race against time in such stories which make the reading experience more interesting and exciting.
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Old masters have returned and brand new sleuths have left us thoroughly captivated., Last week, I had the honor of hosting Dr.

From a serial killer in mid-century Glasgow, to a Texas Ranger taking on white supremacists in the backwoods, to the deaths of hundreds in the Guyanese jungle, it was a hard-hitting, provocative year in crime literature, a genre well-suited to the messy brutality of modern times. We present to you our idiosyncratic selection of favorites from Denise Mina, The Long Drop. The short length of this brilliant, vicious send-off of mid-century Glasgow belies its thought-provoking complexities. As they get drunker, the lines between killer and mourner blur along with their vision.

The reason is simple: Norman Bates. Norman, that shy, colourless and bland motel manager, symbolises the anonymity of evil in the 20th and now 21st century. It was both a challenge and a joy to continue the story of the most famous of all deranged killers in fiction. But demented killers come in many varieties, not just the Norman type. A living embodiment of the contagion of violence, the god spreads the desire for blood with a touch of his straight razor.


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    Serial killer novels are popular partially because the readers feel the tension The Night Bird: This is a police procedural by the best-selling author Brian.

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