Best book discussion books 2015

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best book discussion books 2015

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As funny and insightful as it is, though, the book is a masterpiece of editing. Stuart Heritage , writer. Zweig exquisitely skewers an almost lost culture of the Vienna between the wars. And he does so with the precision of a master short storyteller: concisely, intimately and dramatically. Richard Wolffe , columnist. Without a doubt, the best biography I have ever read.
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I feel that there aren't very many books out there right now that deal with this subject matter. She had no memory of her illness and used her investigative journalism skills to discover exactly what had happened to her. Suggested by amandac4fd92b Suggested by rosiea45fa0ad The combination of historical fiction, with a touch of fantasy, feminism, and Nazis made it one I couldn't put down, and couldn't wait to talk about! I feel like it's a book that can start a great conversation at a first book club meeting!

Looking for the perfect books for your book club to read in ? Look no further! Below we showcase 24 exceptional books: From historical fiction to speculative fiction, these books tell stories of ordinary and extraordinary lives that explore the worlds of art, war and so much more.
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This book club recommendations list contains old and new books of various genres that I think have wide appeal and provide compelling discussion topics for your book club. Each character has a very different outlook on faith…making it easy to find at least one person to identify with. And, they all struggle with what exactly they believe for various reasons and they all evolve throughout the book. Full Review. My Thoughts: A 5 star novel for me!

Selecting a book club book can seem as harrowing as the plot of a page-turner. Should you opt for the true story of a valiant trek across the Pacific Northwest, or the underrated, lesser-known classic? Should you ignore your page limit for the sake of discussing The Goldfinch? Should you cancel your book club altogether? Lest your wine-soaked discourse on what to read eclipse a more engaging conversation about books and life in general, consider these 12 fool-proof book club picks:.


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    The best book we've read all year: Guardian writers and readers look back | Books | The Guardian

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    I also included some of my personal favorites.

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    But if you're starting to think about some great books to read with your book club in the new year, here are 13 of this year's best book club books.

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