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best books by paul theroux

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Log in Register Your Wanderlust 0. The world's greatest living travel writer reveals how he fell into writing travel narratives and what he loves about the genre. I met Paul Theroux in the foyer of his London hotel. He was in town to promote his new book, Last Train to Zona Verde. Not quite a full-blown Ernest Hemingway kind of author, but definitely not a Alain de Botton, either. We spent the first 15 minutes swapping stories about Africa. We had travelled the east coast of the continent at the same time.
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Paul Theroux: 'How I write travel books'

The ultimate novel of Hollywood, written by a native and the author of the masterpiece Miss Lonelyhearts. I read this when I was young, and my admiration fueled my ambition to be a writer. It is funny, wicked, satirical, and wholly in the American grain. Emma Bovary, married to a good-hearted drudge, has a healthy libido, a shopping addiction, and an unhealthy sense of romance. Flaubert's landmark work is both a romantic novel and a critique of romantic novels, and in its writing and observation it is modern and memorable. This is one of those books that explain everything — in this case, the way humans gather in groups, how they seize power, and the symbols they value. It is a study in tyranny and in other forms of domination — among them, a mother serving food.

List of the best Paul Theroux books, ranked by voracious readers in the Ranker community. With commercial success and critical acclaim, there's no doubt that Paul Theroux is one of the most popular authors of the last years, known for his novels and travel writing. If you're a huge fan of his work, then vote on your favorite novels below and make your opinion count. This poll is also a great resource for new fans of Paul Theroux who want to know which novels they should start reading first. With memorable characters and excellent storytelling, there's no reason why you shouldn't check out his work if you're a big reader. What are Paul Theroux's best novels?

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Paul Theroux

Seth Armstrong imagines appropriately exotic locations for six books, writes Kathryn Bromwich. The renowned travel writer comes to the Guardian Book club to discuss the book that made his name. Paul Theroux. Scribbled observations, dinner party conversations, flashes of perception Published: 6 Apr Mother Land by Paul Theroux review — a phenomenally strange novel.

Theroux is a celebrated novelist and author, winning numerous prizes for his work over the years. The first collection of essays and articles from this beloved travel writer, Fresh Air Fiend is a joyous read. Journeying through five continents and taking the reader across oceans, the book is an imaginative literary adventure. Theroux captures perfectly the atmosphere and wonder of the places he visits, from Maine to Hong Kong and beyond. The Lower River shares the fictional journey of Ellis Hock, who returns to Africa when his wife leaves him. Hock hopes to find happiness once more, but is faced with a bleaker reality. A novel exploring the nature of memory and desire, despair and desperation, The Lower River is a compelling read.

Baron Munchhausen. What books are currently on your night stand? Tell us about your favorite short stories. Which writers — novelists, essayists, critics, journalists, poets — working today do you admire most? What genres do you especially enjoy reading? And which do you avoid? If there is a genre — fiction or nonfiction — called the Ordeal, my hand leaps to that shelf.


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