Best books for cat 2019

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best books for cat 2019

CAT Preparation Books: Best Books, Section-Wise CAT Books

Which are the best books for CAT Preparation? Having said that, the choice of books for CAT is probably not an important one. There are plenty of great books for CAT that are available in the market that you can use and there is very little that separates them. First of all, if you are looking at understanding and application I would much rather recommend that you go ahead with an online coaching course for CAT. It would offer you a lot more than what any book for CAT can because it has videos for conceptual clarity and live classes for doubt clarification. Having said that, it is also necessary to have some material or the other so that you can practice and eventually improve yourself to solve CAT level questions easily. This material is very well designed and keeps the needs of students as the first priority.
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Top Books for CAT Aspirants -

Best Books for CAT Preparation 2019 – Books Recommended by Toppers

Mock Test 1. Mock Test 2. Mock Test 3. Mock Test 4. Students who are preparing on their own should keep in mind that CAT needs a disciplined and comprehensive preparation.

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The choice of books is vast and quite varied. But what MBA Aspirants need to understand is that it is not the choice of books that they refer to but how they refer to these books. All books available in the market are very similar in the nature of their content of study material but the important thing is what you make of it. So here we provide you with a list of books for each section that can help you accelerate your preparation to ace the tests. The task for aspirants now is to recognize their current stage of preparation, identify which style of books they find a perfect fit with and devise strategy for cat accordingly. NCERT books are best to start your CAT Preparation with only if you have a lot of time before your exam date and need to brush up on concepts before solving advanced problems else not recommended.

With so many publishers out there in the market and the heavy amount that gets invested on marketing by these publishers put the aspirants of CAT under the most popular confusion of selection of right books that are needed for preparation of CAT The availability of books in the market is highly varied and what the CAT aspirant has to focus while choosing a book for preparation is the sync that they would have with an author or publisher with respect to their preparation strategy and studying methodology. This is being said as the content of each book available in the market is almost the same for most of the books; however, what differs is the way the concepts are explained. The books to be chosen also vary depending on the stage of preparation the CAT aspirant is in at this point in time. So it is preferred that you visit a book mall not a book store , have time in your kitty assigned completely for book selection on a day and select the books based on. The books discussed here are based on the structure of the CAT examination. Let us discuss one after another:.


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    If you are preparing for management entrance exams and looking for good study material then have a look on the below mentioned materials. What are the recommended books/materials for the CAT exam preparation? What are the section-wise best books to prepare for CAT?.

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    Read order of the phoenix online pdf elmer and the dragon pdf

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