Best books on elizabethan england

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best books on elizabethan england

50 Must-Read Books About Tudor England

Only in the final paragraph of the book do the two converge. Drake and Raleigh, along with Sir John Hawkins, were among the skilled mariners who helped save the nation in when the Spanish sent a formidable armada to depose Elizabeth and restore Catholicism. There is fresher material here too, including his account of the contributions of Elizabethans who have long stood in the shadows. The most notable of these is Richard Hakluyt, an unassuming geographer as responsible for the British Empire and the establishment of a permanent colony in North America as any Elizabethan. When you write a book that covers this much ground, mistakes are inevitable. But there is a difference between factual errors and there are too many of these and fundamental misunderstandings of how a vast majority of Elizabethans lived their lives.
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Deborah Harkness, "The Book of Life"

Elizabethan Era - Historical Fiction: Books

By Toby Clements. It was a lovely, lively book, full of startling details and clearly the work of a thoughtful historian with a tremendous grasp of his period. In a sense, though, Mortimer seems even more sure of himself here, and perhaps because there are more sources available, or because he has written a couple of novels set in the period, this is even richer than his medieval guide. You can almost feel the texture of the times, and you can imagine exactly how its men and women might think. Inevitably Mortimer addresses many of the same themes as in his earlier book — the nuts and bolts of travel: what you could expect to eat and how much you could expect to pay for it.




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