Best unknown books of all time

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B ooks, books, books. They will give you fuller, thicker hair. Job satisfaction comes and goes, partners enrapture and abscond, but you can always fall back on the timeless ability of literature to transport you to a different world. They simultaneously speak to the heart and mind. They teach you about the history of our world, the possibilities of our future and the fabric of our souls. So where do you start?
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Please refresh the page and retry. I find I read the same kind of book over and over, usually a novel with a linear structure, a sympathetic protagonist, a problem that needs resolving, a definite ending. Available from Amazon. It made me think about the possibility of writing my own novel and gave me a splinter of hope that a novel about memory and longing, about loneliness and belonging, could be a page-turner. I n this less well-known title by Penelope Fitzgerald, larger-than-life Freddie is the head of an out-at-elbows theatrical school based in Covent Garden during the early Sixties.

Look, I love the classics as much as any other nerd. I'm a huge dork for any story about cranky people falling in love on a windswept moor. And I'm a big sucker for our modern day popular fiction , too anyone who's ever heard my lengthy Game of Thrones theories can attest to that. But so many great authors, both then and now, are falling through the cracks. If you're looking to venture beyond the New York Times Bestseller list, then you might want to check out these brilliant books from relatively unknown authors. There's something so weirdly thrilling about getting really into an author that pretty much no one around you has heard of. It's like you've uncovered some great secret.

A book that you find was admired in its time but is now sorta shoved to the side and forgotten, except by the most trusted reader-friends in your life? Well, these are those books. And your reader-friends, in this case? Kick back and listen to them stump for the most criminally underappreciated books on their shelves. Delany I cannot imagine confessional literature without this genre-shattering memoir.

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It makes you more like everyone else. Reading is about insight into the human experience, about understanding. What does following in the footsteps of everyone else get you? It gets you to exactly the same conclusions as everyone else. The Western world has been publishing books for some 3, years. Which is why I put together the list of books below in their rough historical order. They are all great pieces of literature or learning and at the same time, mostly unknown.


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