Best problem solving books for programmers

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best problem solving books for programmers

10 Data Structure & Algorithms Books Every Programmer Should Read - By Javin Paul

Programmers seem to have stopped reading books. The market for books on programming topics is minuscule compared to the number of working programmers. Instead, they happily program away, using trial-and-error. They stand the test of time and will help you become a better programmer, whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for 30 years. Without further ado, here is the list of the top 8 best programming books to read if you want to set yourself apart and become a coding powerhouse. The author, Peter Seibel a programmer turned writer , got interviewees to open up about the famous projects that they worked on and the inspiring stories behind them.
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Published 31.01.2019

How To Think And Problem Solve In Coding

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10 Books That Will Make You Think Like A Programmer

The books on this list are designed specifically to give you a solid foundation in all of the areas that are important to a software developer. The book is full of great advice about how to write good code regardless of architecture or programming language. Code Complete goes into the details of the structure of writing good code. I consider this book a must-read for all serious software developers. The book is a bit dated but still has extremely valuable information.

You probably also wondered what does it mean, exactly, to think like a programmer? And how do you do it?? Look, sometimes you luck out. But that is the worst way to solve problems! It led me to interview two really impressive people: C. Everyone is different.

Algorithms are language agnostic and any programmer worth their salt should be able to convert them to code in their programming language of choice. Just ask them to implement any popular sorting algorithms like quicksort or merge sort and they will fall apart. If you expect them to know more advanced and complex algorithms like String algorithms , graph algorithms , tree traversal or greedy algorithms, be ready to check on Interviews, otherwise, you might end up with some surprises. Once, I come across a very good candidate for a core Java senior developer role, he was excellent in Java, multi-threading but his data structure and algorithm skill was really poor to his experience and caliber. Algorithms are tools of developing programming solving skill and coding sense, which is required to convert a user requirement into the line of code also known as a computer program. They are also all around, if you use Facebook, have you ever thought about how they find your friends so easily? Or how does Netflix recommends the movie you want to watch?

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You might be someone for whom learning a programming language is the least intimidating part about becoming a programmer. The syntax is easy for you to remember and produce onto a code editor. For you the problem is in being able to solve problems effectively and efficiently. You want to be using the right tools for a specific situation rather than throw possible solutions at a problem until something sticks. So, you want to learn how the pros solve problems.



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