Best book on dslr filmmaking

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best book on dslr filmmaking

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So here you go! The following are a list of books that deal with filmmaking which I would recommend. They range from the technical to the anecdotal — but there is something to learn about the craft of making films in each of them. I have broken them down into three different sections: Screenwriting, Filmmaking, and Post-Production. Please feel free to share your own favorite books on these subjects in the comments section — a person can never learn too much! Many of these are available in both print and in my preferred form electronic download.
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4 Ways to Keep FOCUS While Filming Moving Subjects

Filmmaking Books

Many people have approached me with questions about books that have inspired me as a filmmaker. We have compiled a list of valuable resources for you to use to expand your scope and vision. These are a few of my favorites. This comprehensive book is geared for those who are interested in practicing cinematography on a professional level. The book covers cinematic technique as well as technical knowledge on exposure, optics, lighting, image control, shooting HD video and more. Loaded with photos and in-depth illustrations. The best choice for an overall education on the art and science of cinematography.

I'm using a t2i and Adobe Premiere. I'm also interested. I started shooting wildlife videos five years ago. I managed to dump all of my raw footage into Sony Vegas HD Studio as a video editor where it could be sliced and diced, titled, etc. But then I discovered that the finished product was not very portable. The file size was huge.

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I want to read, learn, understand. Searching on Amazon there are too many choices. I would like to have something recent. Likely your best most up-to-date resources will be here on cinematography. By the time any technical book hits shelves, it's likely out-of-date already. Yes, DSLR filming is a moving target. There are a number of books on digital filmmaking which are listed, but currently it's changing very quickly - best to learn the principles, which tend not to change that much.


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