David lynch book signing 2018

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david lynch book signing 2018

David Lynch teases more Twin Peaks at book signing | Consequence of Sound

Both biography and memoir of David Lynch, Room to Dream is a book of dualities. Treading the lines of these dualities, the reader discovers a remarkable life. Her woven-together testimony is comprehensive and insightful, with full, committed access to those around Lynch throughout his life. Lynch then responds to the chapter — its facts, figures, memories and critiques — sometimes rejecting versions of events, or failing to remember them, sometimes expanding, or filling in, or philosophising, or digressing. His anecdotes are a riot, and can only be described as Lynchian. Marlon Brando turns up at his house in drag, demanding to make a film with Harry Dean Stanton, the film being about the two of them taking tea. McKenna also offers succinct, finely judged appraisals of his work in all codes.
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David Lynch - ChangeMakers 2018

Room to Dream by David Lynch and Kristine McKenna – review

The legendary director behind Twin Peaks, Eraserhead , and Mulholland Drive joins co-author Kristine McKenna for a unique blend of autobiography and biography that does little to solve the mysteries of his life and work. Random House. Jun I expect Room to Dream to be a divisive document for David Lynch diehards. Depending on one's level of interest in all things Lynch, the book might feel like a charming curiosity or a pointless diversion, making it something of a mirror held to the audience. Fans of the film director are by no means a homogenous group; consider the mixed audience reaction to last year's challenging and often abstract Twin Peaks: The Return , Lynch's first major screen project since But Room to Dream , an endearing but featherweight curiosity disarmed of the surreal flourish of his work and the spiritual and philosophical perspective one might hope to find, doesn't offer answers to many long-held questions devotees have.

A few years back I interviewed David Lynch at his lithographic studio in Paris. The film-maker sat at an ink-splattered table in a sky-blue smock. Now along comes Room to Dream , a hybrid biography bulging with more than interviews everyone from Sting to Isabella Rossellini , to give a fuller picture and a finer grain.
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"Twin Peaks" legendary director David Lynch book signing in Seattle ('18)

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