Youth ministry books for students

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youth ministry books for students

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Confirmation Continued. Click on any book image to go directly to Amazon for purchase. Concise, real, practical and immensely helpful, Sustainable Youth Ministry is the best youth ministry guidebook available anywhere. And no, no one is paying me to say that. I read this book when I was 23 and literally in my first two years of youth ministry and I referred to it again and again. Doug is truly a pastor to pastors everywhere and you are hard pressed to find helpful wisdom anywhere else.
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You're looking for a youth pastor. Again. What goes wrong? Why do youth ministries crumble? And what is the cost to students, parents, volunteers and church.

Youth Ministry

The field of youth ministry is often driven by fads and trends as leaders attempt to reach students by chasing the ever-changing tides of teenage culture. This short-sighted, though often sincere, approach not only produces superficial and misguided disciples, it leaves youth leaders and parents drained and disappointed by the lack of authentic spiritual transformation despite their heartfelt and painstaking efforts. Student Ministry by the Book addresses these and other common missteps by providing a concise, yet thorough, Biblical philosophy and practical guide for youth ministry. In addition, this book provides youth leaders and parents with an accessible resource full of useful insights to reach the families of teens, build relationships with students, integrate them within the church, and recruit workers as effective partners in ministry. It also offers helpful direction in leading youth in the process of spiritual formation and grounding them in the foundational truths of the faith.

As Christians, we look to the Bible as our authority when speaking or thinking on any issue. Learning the language and terms associated with this movement has proved to be challenging even among proponents of the movement. It is not exhaustive and will, most likely, need revisions from time-to-time. The Good Book Co: , Baker Books: , Christians know that prayer is absolutely vital to reading the Bible. It is always important to pray before, during, and after reading the Bible.

As a leader, an important discipline for your life is reading. This is a problem, and ultimately I think it is a spiritual issue. God has called us to be leaders to a group of people living in one of the most critical times of life: the teenage years. Allow them to challenge you and grow your leadership in student ministry. This is an older book that some of you may already be familiar with.

3 Youth Ministry Books You Need to Read. As a leader, an important discipline for your life is reading. It's a key to your growth and your.
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Six Books for Your First Year in Student Ministry

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The summer marks a time in which many college and seminary graduates will find themselves entering the realm of vocational ministry to students. Student ministry is a field which is full of urgency. In a temporal sense, deadlines abound. Messages must be prepared, events planned and communicated, payments collected, conflicts and misunderstandings resolved. With so much to do, and with seemingly so little time to do it, the disciplines of study, preparation, and strategic development may appear to be secondary concerns. Beware; such thought is illusory. While such disciplines may not yield immediate, tangible results, they are invaluable to sustaining fruitful ministry over the long haul.

The book is available at SeminaryHillPress. A: The real criteria for evaluating youth ministry is this question: Are we consistently introducing teenagers to Jesus and then discipling them into believers who will, for a lifetime, love God, love people, and make disciples for the glory of God? At present, that description only fits about 10 percent of church teenagers. This book proposes a new model of youth ministry that intentionally captures those same three dynamics of life and ministry. Specifically, the book proposes youth ministry that gives: 1 a third of time and resources to accelerating the spiritual impact of the homes where teenagers live; 2 a third immersing every teenager in the full life and ministry of the congregation; 3 a third leading what we traditionally have considered youth ministry, targeted to the youth group.


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