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a prayer for bobby book

PRAYERS FOR BOBBY by Leroy Aarons | Kirkus Reviews

Thank you! Mary Griffith, a mother of four in the suburbs of San Francisco, was a conservative Presbyterian who viewed her son Bobby's homosexuality as an affliction of which only faith and prayer could cure him. Aarons, a playwright and founder of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, uses excerpts from Bobby's diaries and the testimony of his friends and siblings to paint a portrait of a gregarious, creative, but supremely alienated adolescent whose attempts to forge a coherent identity were sabotaged by the internalized message that being gay was wrong. Over several years Mary found more liberal churches and other parents who helped her deal with her grief, and she began pleading publicly for tolerance of gays and lesbians, at town meetings and on Sally Jessy Raphael, recounting her own tragedy to warn others of the fatal consequences of ignorance and homophobia. Glumly informative in tone and only intermittently affecting, though Aarons effectively drives home the sad point that Bobby's death is only one in an avoidable epidemic of gay teen suicides.
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What is not covered in the movie, is Bobby starting to embrace his homosexuality. But from the excerpts from his journals, Bobby Griffith was full of self-hatred. Now when I read Prayers for Bobby, I often asked myself, How is it possible that one person could fight against and have so much self-hatred for who they are? He strongly believed that no one loved him, not even his family. Bobby completed suicide by jumping off a freeway overpass directly into the path of an 18 wheel truck which killed him instantly.


But it is also the story of Bobby's mother, a fearful churchgoer who first prayed that her son would be " healed, " then anguished over hi suicide, and ultimately transformed herself into a national crusader for gay and lesbian youth. As told through Bobby's poignant journal entries and his mother's reminiscences, "Prayers for Bobby" is at once a moving personal story, a true profile in courage, and a call to arms to parents everywhere. And it will save lives of countless young people A heartrending story of two journeys: Bobby's spiral toward death and Mary's toward personal responsibility. Aarons has performed a major public service, as has the entire Griffith family-especially Bobby, whose death will surely save many others.


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