Future problem solving example booklet

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future problem solving example booklet

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Resources For Purchase Free downloadable Resources including coaching tips are available. Click Here for these resources. If you want to order any of these resources, please send an email to Julie with a list of your requirements. This is a new resources that provides you with twenty different strategies for using quotes with students. These are applicable to classrooms as well as to Future Problem Solving groups.
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Future Problem Solving Program Overview

Team ID # ______. STEP 1. Identify Challenges. Read the Future Scene carefully and generate ideas for challenges, concerns, and possible problems related.

Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS)

Identify Challenges II. Write an Underlying Problem. Develop an Action Plan. Identify Challenges Challenges are statements that identify important concerns, problems, issues, or challenges that have a strong possibility of occurring within the futuristic scenario future scene. Attempt to find as many challenges as you can for every relevant category of thought for the future scene about 12 categories should be your goal. The Underlying Problem U.

Global Issues Problem Solving GIPS is a competitive component of FPSPI which can be accomplished as a team of 4 or individual activity in which participants research a series of global topics and learn a six-step creative problem solving process. Problem solvers apply their topic and creative problem solving knowledge to address a charge presented in an imagined situation, termed Future Scene. Trained evaluators score student work and return it with feedback including suggestions for improvement.
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What is a Future Scene?

It teaches students how to think creatively about the future as students research and analyze the annual topics. GIPS can be used as a curriculum, integrated into content areas, or offered as an extra-curricular option. Students research a topic to gather background information, become mini-experts in the topic, and predict possibilities for the future. Students receive a Future Scene, an imagined scenario based on the topic 20 to 40 years in the future, and use their research as they apply the six-step FPS model. FPS coaches are encouraged to introduce generating and focusing guidelines along with a variety of creative and critical thinking tools. These creative problem solving tools and guidelines provide students with options to generate creative possibilities and to focus on effective solutions and innovation. Some people have nosy neighbors.

What makes Future Problem Solving so worthwhile? What about when and where the two extra elaboration details that reporters are told to include? As a matter of fact, the elements of where and when should not appear in the solution at all! They frequently damage the impact of the idea by making it appear less believable and persuasive. Leave them out.


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