How to share a book from audible

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how to share a book from audible

How to Share an Audible Book with a Friend (for free!) - Everyday Reading

About a year ago, I discovered audiobooks in a big way. Enter my Audible account, and my decision to share Audible books. Even after moving to NYC, I still rely on audiobooks during my subway commutes as I often have to stand the whole minute trip. But my parents were slower to jump on the audiobook bandwagon. And until recently my mom was driving into the city and listening to the news on the radio.
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Published 20.06.2019

Introducing “Send This Book”; a new Audible Feature

Simple Ways to Share Audible Books to Your Friends/Family

If you want to share Audible books with your family and friends but you are not exactly sure how to do it, you are in the right place. Here you will learn the step-by-step process to share Audible books for free in an easy way. However, before you proceed, you should know that there are certain restrictions on sharing Audible books. I have explained three separate methods in this article along with their restrictions and drawbacks. I hope at least one of them will be suitable for you as per your requirement.

But like most tool, there are always a bunch of features you're not really using or don't even know about, and the “Share Audible Book with.
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Part 1. The Official Ways to Share Audible Audiobooks to Friends/Family

Looking for the free Summer Reading Chart? Grab it here!, Isn't that so amazing if you can share your Audible books with your friends for free? So in this article I am going to elaborate 3 methods to share Audible books with friends.

Sharing is a great way to stay connected with our family and friends as it makes us more closely. Among all the stuffs, digital items such as audiobooks are popular for sharing because they can be easily sent through the Internet. When speaking of audiobooks, the largest catalog is from Amazon Audible. If you've got some interesting Audible books, you may like to share them with your friends. But as Audible audiobooks are protected by DRM, some users especially those who are new to Audible may have no idea on how to share them. If that's your case, you can follow this guide to find out the top ways to share Audible books with friends or family, including the official and alternative solutions. As the largest downloadable audiobooks seller, Audible currently offers two official solutions for users to share their favorite audiobooks to others, while both have their own advantages and disadvantages.


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    For one thing, it saves your spending on audiobook enjoyment.

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