How many books did jeremy strong write

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how many books did jeremy strong write

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And I should know, because I am Jeremy Strong, writing this. I just kind of grew into it. I blame my parents. After all, who else is there to blame? Yes, I know that makes it last century and it means I am incredibly old and ancient. Believe it or not I still have my own teeth, not falsies. And some of my original hair too.
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Jeremy Strong (born 18 November ) is an English writer credited with over children's books. He left teaching in and has been writing full-time ever since. He was won several awards including the prestigious Children's Book Award for THE HUNDRED MILE AN HOUR DOG, the Manchester Book.

Quickfire interview: Jeremy Strong

View all newsletter. Nicholas and his family are off on holiday to Turkey! But with Cheese and Tomato causing chaos with stray tortoises, Dad having to be rescued by the lifeguard, and Mum setting off the hotel sprinkler system with her belly-dancing routine, rest and relaxation are not on the cards! Jeremy Strong once worked in a bakery, putting the jam into three thousand doughnuts every night. Now he puts the jam into stories instead, which he finds much more exciting. He loves writing stories because it's 'the only time you alone have complete control and can make anything happen'. His ambition is to make you laugh or at least snuffle.

A brand new adventure for the Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Dog gives us more laugh-out-loud capers for Trevor and his ridiculous Crazy capers abound in Ancient Rome! Croakbag the amazing talking raven tells the hilarious story of Perilus, the boy ch Nicholas a Pudding Lane may be the only primary school in the UK with a real, live ostrich for a mascot. She comes to the school as Based on the traditional fairy tale Chicken Licken , this vibrantly illustrated story is sure to become a favourite i

Out of your fantastic career what would you say is the stand out moment?
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Jeremy Strong

How can I contact Jeremy Strong? You can leave a message on the Message Board, or you can write to him at the address below. Why do you like writing stories? When I was in Y3 and Y4 at my primary school I had a wonderful teacher. Her name was Miss Cox. She made me feel that writing stories was special and also that sometimes I was quite good at it.

All of his books are humorous, and about real life situations with a surreal edge. Several stories have been adapted for BBC Radio and he has also written particularly for that medium. He lives in Somerset and is currently leading a 'Campaign for Fun', to encourage reading for pleasure. When I was a child my friends and I seemed to spend most of our time playing in the fields behind our house, making up our own games. We had to use our imagination all the time, especially when we got into trouble and had to talk our way out of it, and that was great practice for becoming a writer later on. I wanted to be a writer from about the age of nine, although I didn't do anything about it until I was well into my teens. After working at jobs like putting jam into doughnuts and picking strawberries I eventually became a teacher, working with primary school children.

Jeremy Strong born 18 November is an English writer credited with over children's books. He previously worked in a bakery, where his job involved putting jam into doughnuts. He also worked as caretaker, a strawberry-picker and in an office for British Rail. After university he became a junior school teacher. He left teaching in and has been writing full-time ever since. His humorous writing often makes use of his childhood and primary teaching experiences. Jeremy often visits schools and festivals to talk to children and parents as well as speaking at conferences.


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