How to make a wedding tree guest book

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how to make a wedding tree guest book

Wedding DIY: Fingerprint Tree Template to Download & Print | UK

My youngest daughter is getting married in November and she has asked me to create a few things for her wedding. Could I make her something like that? So I created a unique take on the project featuring their names and wedding date and over individual leaves for her wedding guests to sign! And, I can show you how to make one too! I believe she has seven brides maids and seven grooms men. Oh, and a flower girl and more.
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3 WEDDING GUESTBOOK IDEAS FOR 2018 - DIY Wedding Decoration Tips & Tricks - WEDDING DECOR

Have your guests "leaf" a signature in a wooden tree guest book

We've seen fingerprint tree guest books , and we've seen wooden guest books , but now we've seen what happens when you combine them: a wooden guest tree! Lola and Jimmy DIYed the tree and all its little leaves to make this amazing memento. And, of course, guests were encouraged to "leaf" a signature. If you're handy with DIY, definitely try this out; otherwise Etsy's got you covered. Catherine Clark loiters at her local library, makes art, watches movies en masse, plays video and tabletop games, poorly cooks healthy things, cuddles with her feline fur babies, and blogs at BijouxandBits. We did something like this for our wedding in the fall, but with paper.


This may be posted already, but I'm new and haven't seen where to search for specific forum topics just yet. I strive for different and recently decided to search alternatives to the traditional guest book. In my search, I've come across multiple sites for tree guest books. I'm not particularly fund of having my guests leave their fingerprints, but definitely love the leaf option! I have all in order except the leaves. I would ideally like to have the leaves off, allow each guest to sign and then attach the leaf themselves in an outline area around the tree. I will be using a canvas.

As the days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning golden, we thought it being the beginning of September , it is an appropriate time for an autumnal As the days are getting shorter and the leaves are turning golden, we thought it being the beginning of September , it is an appropriate time for an autumnal diy wedding project - a Thumbprint Guest Tree. The idea of Thumbprint or Fingerprint Guestbooks has arisen from the lack of love for the dullness of a traditional wedding guest book. Some great creatives thought why not take the opportunity to make a really personal piece of art at your wedding and invented the Thumbprint Tree - we've already shown you loads of gorgeous examples of Fingerprint Trees and where you can have your own Thumbprint Tree made. But for those of you who want a simpler and cheaper alternative Susan has made a gorgeous DIY Fingerprint Tree template for you to download and here it is



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    A Thumbprint Wedding Tree Guest Book is a wonderful alternative or addition to the traditional wedding guest book to remind you of your special day.

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    Wedding Tree Guestbook?! | Weddings, Do It Yourself | Wedding Forums | WeddingWire

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    We love you!

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