Best true crime novels ever

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best true crime novels ever

25 Best True Crime Books of All Time - Top Nonfiction Crime Books

The true crime genre has long fascinated readers. From classics to more recent fare, we guarantee that these reads will keep you up and turning pages well into the night. It is truly fascinating and horrifying account. This is a beguiling murder mystery with an eccentric cast of characters that just has to be read to be believed. In this book, Jon Krakauer takes a deep dive into a chilling double murder within one of the most isolated Mormon Fundamentalist communities in the country. Under the Banner of Heaven centers around Ron and Dan Lafferty, brothers who believed God told them to kill a young woman and her innocent child. In great detail, Krakauer peels back the layers of zealotry, mania, and savagery that led to one truly terrifying moment.
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Top 5 True Crime Books

The 25 Best True Crime Books Every Person Should Read

Published in , Truman Capote's true crime book In Cold Blood details a brutal quadruple murder in small town Kansas. An instant success, the book launched the true crime genre that today consists of thousands of titles, television shows, films and even podcasts. Disturbing as the subject matter may be, true crime books and the like are a fascinating look into the human mind. We're compelled by our desire to understand how the criminal mind works, and can't help but wonder what we'd do in a similar situation. It's what makes true crime books one of the most popular non-fiction genres, and it certainly explains why we binge watch true crime documentaries like Making a Murderer and obsessively listen to true crime podcasts like My Favorite Murder and Serial. There's no shortage of fascinating true crime books out there - this list of the 50 best true crime books only scratches the surface. How many have you read?

by Ann Rule

If you can't get enough of true crime, join the club. The popularity of the genre has given rise to a whole slew of mystery-focused podcasts , Sherlock Holmes-inspired TV shows, and of course, true crime books. There's nothing like diving into a good whodunit, especially those that come freshly ripped from the headlines. Nonfiction books give you the added bonus of enjoying newspaper clippings, web stories, additional fan theories, and a whole library of other resources to keep your guilty pleasure going once you've turned the final page. But if you wonder where the line between mystery fan and sordid tale fanatic lies, experts say you probably don't have to worry about yourself or your amateur detective loved ones. Of course, if your true crime-obsessed teenager starts papering their walls with wanted posters and spending all night concocting conspiracy theories, it might be time to introduce them to another hobby.

True crime is having a renaissance right now, but the genre has been popular long before the Serial podcast or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood brought Charles Manson's murders back into focus. The best true crime books read like thrillers , with twists and turns to keep you hooked. But they also tell a story larger story, contextualizing the crime like gripping historical fiction. While serial killers and grisly murders might immediately come to mind when discussing the genre , there's more to this literary motif than that. In , a young woman named Sherri Rasmussen was murdered in the home she shared with her husband, John.


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    15 Best True Crime Novels - Real-Life Mystery Books We Love

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    But there has always been a small niche for true crime books, sometimes tucked — rather guiltily — below the much larger crime fiction sections in bookshops and libraries.

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