Hunger games novel study questions

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hunger games novel study questions

The Hunger Games: Study Guide Questions, Chapters - Novel Novice

Debt, not of the financial sort necessarily but in the form of owing someone for their help, comes up multiple times in the novel. Moreover, he apparently burned bread deliberately to help Katniss, despite knowing he would be punished as a result. Katniss describes how she has felt indebted to Peeta ever since. Thresh also brings up debt when he spares Katniss after learning about her alliance with Rue. These feelings of indebtedness, Katniss suggests, stem from the experience of growing up poor. The tessera system plays into this mentality of indebtedness. The poor take extra food rations essentially on credit, which is paid back in the form of extra entries into the reaping.
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Book Review - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

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Well, first let me direct your attention to the website Hunger Games Lessons , which has fully-fleshed out lesson plans available for all three books in the series. But our very own teacher-blogger-author-in-residence Tiffany Truitt is using The Hunger Games in her classroom, and has generously agreed to share her study questions for all 27 chapters in the book. Chapter 1. We will NOT be providing an answer key. For the comments: Please share your ideas for using The Hunger Games in the classroom! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Describe District District 12 seems to be a slum town.

Sign up for our newsletters! How does Katniss feel about the country of Panem? Describe the relationships of Katniss with Gale, with Prim, with her mother. How do those relationships define her personality? How does the fact that the tributes are always on camera affect their behavior from the time they are chosen? Does it make it easier or harder for them to accept their fate? Does this ceremony remind you of events in our world, either past or present?


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    Hunger Games: Questions - English reading: Hunger Games

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    Avoiding the Path to Panem In this week-long unit, students use evidence from the text to infer what might have led to the creation of Panem.

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    Oct 10, How can you guide students through The Hunger Games? Continue reading to see activities and online resources that help students respond.

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